Watch Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Performance From The Sky With Scary Near Crash


Today we take a look at an interesting new video showing the performance of Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta from the sky in a new drone video with a frightening near-crash.As we reported last week, Tesla has started pushing the first version of its “Full Self-Driving” feature that autonomously navigates city streets and highways.

However, the feature is in beta and it’s not really Full Self-Driving (FSD) as it requires the driver to always be ready to take over and correct the system when needed.

Only a few owners currently have access to beta software in the “Early Access Program,” but Tesla has allowed them to share videos of their experience.

One such owner who goes by “Brandon M” on YouTube shared the pros and cons of Tesla’s first version of the FSD feature.

We’ve shared some of his videos in our first Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta video collection.

Now he’s back with an interesting video that features a continuous drone shot of his Model 3 while testing the full self-drive beta:

As you can see the video begins with a very frightening near miss where the Model 3 seemed to want to crash into a parked car.

Due to the angle of the parked car, it almost looked like the FSD wanted to follow the car, but it was clearly parked and it didn’t look like it was about to brake without Brandon’s intervention.

It’s a good reminder that this “full beta of self-driving” isn’t really self-sustaining, as it really does require a driver to monitor the system and be ready to take over at any time.

The FSD beta had a few other issues during the eight-minute test, but it also performed well in some tasks.

As stated by our sister site DroneDJ, The Skydio drone’s self-flight ability roughly surpasses Tesla’s FSD in this video.

Obviously, navigating a 3D world with the freedom to climb and descend is completely different from navigating a 2D surface with traffic rules, but it is nonetheless impressive to see the drone effortlessly dodge trees and power lines. .

Interestingly, we previously reported that several early Tesla Autopilot engineers ended up working on the Skydio drone.

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