Watch: RRR’s Mighty Bheem


After a long wait, here is NTR’s most anticipated look from Rajamouli’s magnum opus RRR. NTR stunned by his chiseled body. His introduction is Tarak’s muscular look and his muscular body raises the bar of expectations even higher.

Charan’s voice-over and powerful dialogues add to the hype. Rama Raju presents “Manyam Muddu Bidda”, “Gondu Bobbuli” and his own “Thammudu” – “Komram Bheem”. Various shades of NTR are shown in this overview. NTR is also seen wearing a Muslim skullcap (Taqiyah), which hints a lot about his character.

Overall, Ramaraju For Bheem sees the characteristic elevation scenes of Rajamouli. The visuals are splendid and attractive. The VFX is top notch, matching the expectations of Rajamouli’s films. Keeravani’s background score elevates the scenes even more.

It can be noted that Charan’s astonishing look as Rama Raju is attractive and thrills mega fans. Now, the look of NTR is also compelling and intriguing. Looks like Rajamouli spares no effort to portray the two main stars in a powerful way.

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