Watch Jack White Pay Tribute To Eddie Van Halen With ‘SNL’ Performance


Jack White paid homage to Eddie Van Halen and performed songs from his entire career during his last minute musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

White’s debut performance featured a medley built around the White Stripes’ ‘Ball and Biscuit’, with the rocker reworking the the elephant favorite to present both an excerpt from his Beyoncé lemonade collaboration “Don’t Hurt Yourself” as well as “Jesus Is Coming Soon”, a traditional gospel song written during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.

Later in the series, White released a guitar designed for him by Eddie Van Halen to pay tribute to the legendary guitarist after his death earlier in the week.

“I thought it might be a nice gesture for me to use this eddie van halen blue model guitar for one of tonight’s songs on SNL,” White wrote on Instagram ahead of his “Lazaretto” performance.

“The guitar was designed by eddie (with some customizations I had added). eddie was very nice to me and made sure this guitar was made for me to my specifications. I won’t even insult the man’s talent by trying to play one of his songs tonight. thanks again eddie for that guitar and rest in peace sir.

White was a last minute addition to the event hosted by Bill Burr SNL episode after original musical guest Morgan Wallen was uninvited after being caught partying without a mask, breaking Covid-19 protocol.


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