Watch: All-new Tesla Model Y’s roof blows off on the highway


The Tesla Model Y is the California electric car company’s latest model, touted as a competitively priced small SUV.The video below may make you wonder if this price is so competitive because Tesla is saving hundreds of dollars by not sealing the roof of the vehicle.

Or at least Tesla didn’t do it on the recently purchased Model Y the Reddit user was in when the roof panel flew off.

“My dad bought a brand new Model Y today, and he brought me to pick it up in case he needed help with technical issues,” one indescribable user – or Nathaniel, said on Twitter – on reddit last weekend.

“Everything was fine and we were on our way home when we started to hear a ton of wind. I thought maybe a window was open, but a minute later the whole glass roof exploded. After a brief panic, we turned around and took the new Tesla convertible back to the dealership.

According to the dealer, the roof was defective or the factory forgot to seal the roof. The entire Model Y roof is made of glass, as shown in this video from Tesla New York:

Suffice it to say, the top view of a Model Y is already pretty impressive, and while it’s undeniably even clearer with that pane of glass out of the way, we’d say it probably wasn’t. not an upgrade the vehicle needed.

Nathanial also said in his post that he called a highway patrol to let them know the roof had blown off and could potentially have caused an accident.


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