Was Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Announcement in the Rose Garden a Super Spreader Event?


On average, it takes five days from the time a person is infected to start showing symptoms. The White House says it is now in contact to trace all those present.The event was Mr Trump’s official announcement of his intention to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on September 18, with Ms Barrett. Many Democrats have argued that the seat should not be filled until after the November 3 election.

On Friday, just six days after the garden was filled with hundreds of people, the President again walked across the White House lawn.

This time everyone, including Mr Trump, wore face masks as he slowly walked to the waiting helicopter, bound for a multi-day hospital stay.

In a video recorded before leaving for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Mr Trump said, “I think I’m doing great, but we’ll make sure things work. “


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