Walt Disney World accounts for 25% of 28,000 layoffs of Disney cast members


According to ABC News, layoffs at Walt Disney World account for a quarter of the company’s total downsizing. Disney Parks President Josh D’Amaro previously announced that 28,000 cast members would be laid off due to the economic impact of the pandemic. Many believed the layoffs would primarily affect Disneyland Resort, as the park has remained closed since the COVID-19 shutdown in March. The fact that California Governor Gavin Newsom has yet to announce plans to reopen Disneyland has fueled this conviction. The ABC News report that a quarter of layoffs came from Walt Disney World shocked many, as the reopening was seen as a positive step forward.

Due to the continued business impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the very difficult decision to downsize.

Jim Bowden, Disney Vice President of Employee Relations

Previously, the Orlando Sentinel reported that 6,700 non-union Cast Members were due to be laid off in December. ABC News reported that their projected number of layoffs from Walt Disney World is suggested by documents filed by The Walt Disney Company with local and state agencies. It should be noted that these figures include non-union Cast Members. About 43,000 cast members belong to unions and are not represented in this report.

According to D’Amaro, about two-thirds of the layoffs are part-time cast members. These vary from a variety of roles.

Other people facing the cut block include cast members with Disney Cruise Line and even Walt Disney Imagineering.

The Walt Disney Company reinstated its senior executives’ salaries in late August, when thousands of cast members were still on leave.

We encourage our readers to help Cast Members during this difficult time by donating to the Cast Member Pantry. The donation-based organization has an Amazon wishlist as well as Venmo @castmemberpantry. Cast Members can email Cast Member Pantry or contact them through their Facebook page to book a 15 minute shopping window.

The story continues to unfold. Check back with us regularly for more details.


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