Walking Dead Future Episodes & Seasons Discussed


These mysterious soldiers are a preview of what's to come in The Walking Dead.

These mysterious soldiers are a preview of what’s to come in The Walking Dead.
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Very little about 2020 felt right, but having Walking Dead The Comic-Con panel right now was just about perfect. The season ten finale aired less than a week ago and six new episodes will arrive next year before the Start of the 11th and final season. As fans got some answers, a whole slew of new questions about the franchise’s future emerged, many of which were addressed by the panel.

Virtual New York Comic-Con 2020, things started with the immediate threat. Showrunner Angela Kang has confirmed what comic book fans think of these mysterious soldiers at the very end of the finale. Yes, they are Commonwealth soldiers, and they will play an important role in the future.

Someone else who will play a huge role in the future is Maggie, played by Lauren Cohan, who finally returned in the finale after a few seasons. The biggest change for her will be that the man who killed her husband Glen, Negan, is now part of the group. Negan himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, said he was very curious how this was going to play out and wondered if Negan himself will have to explain to Maggie that he has changed, or if the rest of the group will. for him.

As for when we see that unfold, it will be as soon as possible. Kang has suggested that the script will be one of six bonus episodes that will begin filming soon to fill the two seasons. In the months following the covid-19 pandemic, Kang said a lot of care was taken in the writing of these episodes, the planning and writing of Season 11, and, of course, the methods to film the next episodes safely. She even said the scenes have been redesigned so the characters don’t always have to be so close.

The cast and crew are already starting to travel to Atlanta, so these episodes will start filming soon, which has all cast members excited. Habitually, The walking dead movies in the summer and it’s over by the time things get colder. Because it’s fall now, they were all excited to be working through the winter when it won’t be that hot in Atlanta.

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Eventually, however, it will all lead to the end of the series. But it’s far. There are 30 episodes left, including all 24 episodes from Season 11. And yet all of the cast agreed they were full deny that this is happening because it’s so far away. “We still have a lot to do,” said Norman Reedus.

When that ends, her character Darryl will team up with Carol (Melissa McBride) for their own show. Reedus hinted that the show would take place on the road with Darryl and Carol stepping out to see what else was there, and not staying with their friends.

Then there’s the other spin-off, Tales of the Living Dead, which will tell contained stories filling the gaps in the shows. While nothing specific has been revealed on what this might imply, Walking Dead Producer Scott M. Gimple agreed that a fan suggestion of an episode showing Ezekiel as a zookeeper was a great idea and a perfect example of the show’s potential.

Finally, there are the movies. Gimple gave the “We’re working on it” cover the answer to Rick’s upcoming movie, which the cast all laughed at because it was so vague. Kang suggested, however, that fans learn more about Rick and Michonne in the next six episodes, particularly through the eyes of their daughter, Judith. It looks like her story may give fans some clues as to where the two stars are.

You can hear all of this and more in the full panel below. But beware, the audio levels were terrible.

The extended 10th season of The walking dead will air in 2021. Talk dead will be back on November 22.

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