Villagers visit ‘Weekend Update’ to protest Trump’s use of ‘YMCA’


“Weekend Update” provided its usual dose of newsworthy jokes of the week from co-hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost, with the duo targeting Jeffrey Toobin, Rudy Giuliani, and more.

He also gave viewers a fairly well-written “YMCA” parody inspired by President Trump’s recent adoption of the song at campaign rallies.

After reading an excerpt from Trump dancing to 1978 hit Village People, Jost and Che welcomed the Village People (played by Mikey Day, Kenan Thompson, Chris Redd, Bowen Yang and Beck Bennett) to the set. The quintet sang a song begging Trump to stop using their hit song, with “Cease and Desist” replacing “YMCA” in the chorus.

” Stop that. Yeah I’m talking to you / I said stop, it’s late, ”Thompson sang. “Because we never, said we support you / You have to pay us to use our song. ”

Watch all clips from Saturday’s “Weekend Update” below.


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