Video: Ronda Rousey Talks ‘Bet On Myself’ In UFC Contract Negotiations On ‘Hot Ones’


When Ronda Rousey was in the UFC, she kept her contract negotiations simple. She bet on herself every time.

In the Thursday episode of the YouTube show First We Feast Warm wings, the former bantamweight champion turned WWE star was asked to compare her experiences in the world of MMA, professional wrestling and film. She was proud to become a major draw for the UFC and reap the rewards.

“With the UFC, I’m still very attached to betting on myself,” Rousey said. “I care about the back end. Pay me whatever you think is fair, all I really care about is having an interest in how it works and I’m going to make sure it works really well.

“I never really cared about the money, so I never really had a problem with anyone. Anyone who hires me is like, ‘F * ck yeah’, I’m not really good or I’m obscuring anyone. I’ve got people helping me with this stuff – let me know when I can sign something and I’ll introduce myself and I’ll do some awesome f * cking and everyone will be happy. So far it works.

Rousey also recalled a funny anecdote from her past, when a commentator dared to criticize his armband technique during one of his MMA bouts.

“A lot of people would teach, ‘Oh, you’re supposed to twist your toes and squeeze with your knees,’” Rousey said. “Where I always crossed my ankles, I put my heels in my butt and opened my knees.

“I remember looking at the comment from one of my fights and one of the comments was like, ‘She just needs to hug her knees a bit.’ And I’m like, ‘Shut the f * ck up. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. My armband is perfect. Kiss my ass. “


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