US sets record for coronavirus cases amid new wave


Thirteen states added more new confirmed cases of coronavirus in the past week than in any other seven-day period. Six states had set or tied weekly records for new deaths as of Friday. Wisconsin experienced its deadliest day in the pandemic on Wednesday, with 47 total deaths reported.

The geography of the pandemic has constantly changed since the coronavirus reached the United States last winter. Outbreaks hit the Northeast in the spring, the Sun Belt in the summer, and now the Midwestern and Western states, which hold the country’s 10 counties with the most recent cases per capita.

“It’s been increase after increase after increase, week after week,” said Dr. Tom Inglesby, director of the Center for Health Security at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “Nothing has been added to the mix that will slow things down. “

For many, the surge in numbers has brought back jagged memories of what it was like in mid-July, when the virus raged through the solar belt.

Raymond Embry saw the worst up close. His small medical clinic in Arizona performed about five coronavirus tests a day. That rose to dozens a day, then came the July 16 outbreak, with 4,192 people lined up for tests to see if they had the coronavirus.


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