US Election 2020: The wave of early votes reaches record levels ahead of the US elections | American News


Eight days before Americans went to the polls, the anticipated turnout exceeded that of the 2016 election.

Nearly 60 million people have already voted, with the pace of early voting suggesting this election could result in the highest turnout in more than a century.

Most of the votes so far have been cast in Texas, California and Florida, according to the US Elections Project, with the majority believed to support Joe Biden.

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Biden: We have to come together

It adds pressure on Donald Trump, as he continued to seek a return with Sunday visits to the battlefield states of New Hampshire and Maine.

While Mr. Biden, who has been much less visible on the election campaign, keeps a lower profile during a virtual concert. The former vice president has more to lose at this point, but his lead is much narrower in many of the battlefield states that will decide this election.

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“I voted for a guy named Trump”

Speaking at his last rally in New Hampshire on Sunday, President Trump once again told his supporters “we are turning the corner” and the pandemic will end soon.

But it’s not even over in his own White House.

The infection has now spread to the vice president’s team with at least five members testing positive for COVID-19. Mike Pence and his wife have both tested negative and he has no plans to change his campaign schedule.

Meanwhile, it is understood that Mr. Trump plans to hold up to five rallies a day in the home stretch, returning to Pennsylvania on Monday. He won the key swing state by less than 45,000 votes in 2016 and even a marginal change could send him back to the Democrats.

It comes as positive coronavirus cases increase in the battlefield states of Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The United States recorded more than 84,000 positive cases on Friday – its highest number to date in a 24-hour period, with hospitalizations increasing in 38 states last week.

The country seems poised to enter its toughest months for the coronavirus, but the pandemic continues to converge with politics.


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