United States surpasses one-day record for new COVID-19 cases


The United States on Friday set a new record for new coronavirus cases in a single day as the country suffers an alarming new outbreak of infections.According to the COVID Tracking Project tally, there were more than 83,000 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the country on Friday, surpassing the United States record of 75,687 on July 16. About 1.3 million tests were performed on Friday.

The alarming milestone comes as experts warn the pandemic could continue to worsen in the months to come as the weather cools and people stay indoors, where the virus spreads more easily.

The number of hospitalizations for the coronavirus across the country has increased by 40% over the past month, and although the death rate has remained stable, that number tends to lag behind the increase in cases. .

The largest peaks are in the Midwest and West. California recorded more than 6,000 new cases on Friday, while Wisconsin recorded more than 4,600 new cases, and Michigan and Pennsylvania recorded more than 2,000 new cases each. And with so many states experiencing flare-ups, experts warn that a national peak is inevitable.

“We still have tens of thousands of known cases, probably hundreds of thousands of actual cases, happening every day, and that means we have a huge number of small epidemics ready to break out,” Michael Mina, assistant professor at Harvard’s Center for Transmicable Disease Dynamics told The Hill earlier this month.

New cases began to rise in September, which experts say could have been caused by the reopening of schools, Labor Day festivities and general lax compliance with guidelines for social distancing and wearing of masks.

The milestone also comes less than two weeks before polling day, and although there has been a historic increase in the number of postal votes and early voting, millions of Americans are still expected to congregate at polling stations. to vote on November 3.

Experts had said they hoped the number of cases would be lower in an attempt to make up for a virtually guaranteed winter peak.

“You can’t go into the cool fall months and the cold winter months with a high community infection base,” Anthony FauciAnthony FauciTrump and Biden clash over coronavirus response, rising death toll Stahl tells Pence he and Trump ‘insulted 60 minutes’ by giving ‘campaign speeches’ about how Trump lost to coronavirus MOREthe government’s leading infectious disease specialist said this month. “The baseline has fluctuated and has never gone down to the level I would have hoped it to go down.”

The peak in the cases goes against President TrumpDonald John Trump More than 300 military family members endorse Biden Five to take away from Trump-Biden final debate Biden: “I would transition the oil industry” MOREThe optimistic tale that the country is “going round the corner,” a claim by Democrats that is rebutted by the national increase.

“Learn to live with it? »Democratic presidential candidate Joe BidenJoe Biden More than 300 military family members approve of Biden Five to take away from Trump-Biden Biden final debate: “I would move on from the oil industry” said during Thursday’s debate after Trump said people are adjusting to life with the pandemic. “People learn to die with it. ”

More than 223,000 people have died in the country from the coronavirus.


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