Union calls for press conference on Covid as virus doubles every nine days – LabourList


Labor has called on the Prime Minister to hold a coronavirus press conference today to brief the country after a new study revealed the severity of the second wave of coronavirus in England this month.A new study from Imperial College London and Ipsos MORI reveals that between October 16 and 25, 128 out of 10,000 people were infected with Covid in England – almost double the 60 in 10,000 recorded on October 5.

The new research also found that England’s national ‘R’ reproduction rate of the coronavirus has risen to 1.6, meaning the virus is not only increasing but is doubling the number of cases every nine days.

Commenting on the findings from Imperial College London and the need for a Covid press conference, Labor Phantom Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said: ‘This study reveals just how badly the situation we find ourselves in is serious.

“The virus is spreading across the country. This will inevitably lead to more loss of life, more serious damage, immense pressure on the NHS and a slow and damaging economic downturn.

“Boris Johnson should have used the mid-term of school to implement a time-bound ‘circuit breaker’ to lower infections, fix tests and trace and save lives. People will be alarmed and worried and will seek reassurance from ministers.

“Businesses fear that a delay in taking decisive national action could create additional and deeper uncertainty for the economy. Boris Johnson is due to hold a press conference later today to update the nation and outline the steps he will now take to control the virus and save lives.

New research from Imperial College London has carried out mass testing on the general population and found that the number of infections has increased in all age groups and all parts of the country.

The new study suggests that in England, 96,000 people catch Covid every day. While only 24,701 new cases were officially reported on Thursday, the figures only take into account those who test positive, not asymptomatic carriers.

Ashworth said yesterday the government had “put Christmas at risk” by failing to implement a nationwide “circuit breaker” lockdown during the October semester, as recommended by the Labor Party.

He told Times Radio: “I think because they missed that window of opportunity during the semester, I’m afraid what we’ll see is deeper, more drastic lockdown action… which unfortunately probably puts Christmas in danger. ”

“The government needs to do something fast to save Christmas for everyone because we want people to have a family Christmas, right? I think it would be horrible if people didn’t understand that.

Keir Starmer had called on the government to implement a short, sharp “circuit breaker” lockdown during the October semester to ensure the country does not “sleep in a long, dark winter.”

While Downing Street has rejected the policy in favor of their local multi-level lockdown framework, a similar two-week national lockdown is currently in place in Wales and is expected to end on November 9.

The new study follows the release of the latest figures from Test and Trace last week, which found the program had reached all-time highs, with just 59.6% of contacts reached by tracers and just 7.4% of results delivered within 24 hours.


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