Ultra-Orthodox COVID-19 protesters descend on journalist Jacob Kornbluh’s home after leader’s arrest


Political fly supporters and Trump fan Heshy Tischler surrounded the home of a Brooklyn reporter on Sunday night after Tischler was arrested for allegedly encouraging protesters to sue the reporter while covering an anti-lock event -out last week. Late Sunday, a crowd of Tischler supporters gathered outside Jacob Kornbluh’s house in Brooklyn, psalmodic “Shame on you”, and mockery him through a megaphone, under the gaze of the police. Respected journalist Jewish Insider has become a subject of anger after reporting social distancing violations in neighborhoods where many ultra-Orthodox Jews live. Kornbluh was covering an anti-lockdown protest last week when he said Tischler, one of the most visible critics of the lockdown and mask measures in Brooklyn, had spotted him and urged his supporters to sue him. Kornbluh said he was then punched and punched by the crowd. Anti-lockdown protests led by some ultra-Orthodox residents erupted in several Brooklyn neighborhoods after the New York state government imposed new restrictions on several zip codes in the borough with test positivity rates coronavirus on the rise.


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