UK coronavirus update live: breaking news as 10,000 one-day cases announced


A security guard uses a portable thermometer to take customers’ temperatures while waiting to enter a Liverpool bar
The UK has officially set a new record for confirmed coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic, with 12,872 reported in the past 24 hours.

This is the highest daily figure released by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs to date, beating the previous figure of 7,143 at the start of the week. The total now stands at 480,017.

Meanwhile, the government has confirmed it will make £ 60million available to help police and local authorities fund overtime and increase patrols to enforce coronavirus laws.

In response to Boris Johnson who expressed his frustrations with senior police officials earlier this week, some chiefs said they simply did not have the resources to enforce the new restrictions introduced to stop the spread of the disease.


Prime Minister says crisis will remain “bumpy until Christmas and possibly beyond”

Boris Johnson warned the coronavirus crisis would be ‘bumpy’ over Christmas and possibly beyond, but insisted, ‘It’s the only way to do it.’

The prime minister said he recognized the public’s “fatigue” with the lockdown restrictions and admitted people were “furious” at the limits of their social and economic lives.

Johnson spoke about “The Andrew Marr Show” on BBC1 on Sunday morning(BBC)

And he warned, “It could be a very difficult winter for all of us, but there is a way through. If we follow this balanced approach, we can do it and do it together. “

Our political editor, Andrew Woodcock, has all the latest details here

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Locks aren’t the best way to fight viruses, says professor

Professor Devi Sridhar, president of Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh, told Sky News this morning that research has shown the lockdowns are do not the best way to fight Covid-19 outbreaks.

Talk to Sophy Ridge on Sunday Ms. Sridhar added, “We looked at an analysis that looked at countries around the world and one of the things that came out clearly is that removal does not necessarily mean foreclosure.

“In fact, the three things countries have done to try to reduce their numbers while protecting their economies and protecting their societies and schools have been to test, locate, isolate – thus a very active and robust public health infrastructure. .

“The second was strict border restrictions on movement so people don’t come in and re-seed the infection.

“And the third was to have good voluntary compliance with the guidelines through very clear messages. Thus, these messages would be “avoid crowded places, if you are indoors, use a face mask, go out as much as possible because the virus is transmitted less outdoors”. .

“So I think maybe one of the mistakes was to think that the only way to remove this virus is through lockdowns that have major economic consequences as well as for society in general. “

Boris Johnson has yet to respond to Ms Sridhar’s claims, which will likely lead to further confusion around new coronavirus laws that UK police are currently struggling to enforce.

Additional reports by agencies

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Boris Johnson will give police £ 60million to enforce new coronavirus laws

The government will announce plans to make £ 60million available to police and local authorities later today. The money will be used to fund overtime and increase patrols to enforce coronavirus laws.

Police departments will be asked to submit enforcement plans to the Home Office before the money is released to ensure it is spent effectively.

According to a report by The telegraphThis decision comes after the Prime Minister signaled his disappointment with some senior police officials over their handling of the new regulations.

Police Minister Kit Malthouse reportedly revealed the plans to the forces on Thursday evening after Rishi Sunak agreed to release the funding. An official announcement confirming the funds is expected at some point on Sunday.

However, not all members of the police community are convinced that additional funding will resolve the current outcry over the new laws.

Man Arrested by Police at ‘We Do Not Consent’ Anti-Lockdown Rally in Trafalgar Square (Getty)

A police source said The telegraph: “We are not going to look at a gift horse in the mouth, but the reality is that it is not more money that is needed, but a lot more clarity and coordination around the message and that has to come from the government.

“There is so much confusion about what the rules are that it turns out to be impossible to enforce them effectively. Regulations are constantly changing and differ from one area to another. ”

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UK records biggest increase in number of cases in one day

While Britain has recorded the highest number of Covid-19 cases in a single day since the start of the pandemic – with 12,872 reported in the past 24 hours – experts say the lack of community testing available in March allows for direct comparisons between the first and second peak of coronavirus in the UK ‘misleading’.

The government also said totals reported “over the next few days” would be higher due to an issue that delayed reporting of cases between September 24 and October 1. It is not clear to what extent this problem contributed to the record figure of 12,872.

The new record is the highest daily figure reported so far by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, beating the previous figure of 7,143 earlier this week. The total now stands at 480,017.

Another 49 people died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19, bringing the UK death toll to 42,317.

To learn more about the new numbers, Peter Stubley has the whole story here

An NHS worker talks to a member of the public outside a Covid-19 testing center in Dalston, London(Getty)

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