UK Coronavirus LIVE: London on the verge of Level 2 lockdown as Boris Johnson grilled for ignoring calls for Sage to ‘cut’


Tier 2 will cripple local businesses – Middlesbrough MayorAndy Preston, the independent mayor of Middlesbrough, said the Level 2 restrictions would effectively force businesses to close in the city due to a lack of financial support.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today show, he said: “What is happening right now, as we speak, there are people who are preparing to shut down their businesses.

“The government hasn’t legally told them to shut down, so there’s no directly available financial package, but they are effectively told to shut down because their clients aren’t coming because they’re not allowed to mix. with friends, relatives and other people. in restaurants or bars or other places.

“So the government is effectively closing these sites. We need real support, real financial help now and we want to work with the government to overcome that and build a much better 2022, 2023. ”

Mr Preston added that there was “very little evidence that well-run bars and well-run restaurants really contribute to the spread of the virus,” adding: “All of this is exclusively transmitted at home, at school. or in a place of learning or a workplace. ”

Asked what he thought of the Scientific Advisory Panel for Emergencies (Sage) recommending a ‘circuit breaker’ type lockout, Mr Preston said he ‘was not a medical expert’ but was’ skeptical faced with such a severe lockdown ”.


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