UK buyers urged to avoid Amazon Prime Day to support small business | Technology


Campaign groups and small business representatives have called on consumers to steer clear of this week’s Amazon Prime extravagance and support small retailers instead.On Tuesday and Wednesday, the tech giant will host its annual Prime Day event, with thousands of tempting offers, many of them at half price.

However, activists are asking consumers to take into account the plight of local businesses that were already struggling to compete with Amazon before the lockdown.

Ethical Consumer, which has long campaigned to persuade shoppers to boycott Amazon on the grounds that it aggressively avoids paying taxes, urged online shoppers to stop, take a break, and “think about the cost. for vital utilities before you click to pay ”.

Meanwhile, the British Independent Retailers Association (Bira) has called on consumers to consider small retailers who need their support “more than ever” if their local main street does not become a closed wasteland.


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