Two-week ‘circuit breaker’ lockout to begin ‘Friday at 7 p.m.’ to tackle rising virus cases


A SCOTLAND-wide mini-lockdown to deal with an increase in Covid cases will begin at 7 p.m. Friday, documents were told in documents today.

Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that a “circuit breaker” ad – centered on a home order for a fortnight or more – could come tomorrow.

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Nicola Sturgeon said the mini-lock announcement could take place on Tuesday

She denied that a decision had already been made amid fears about the impact on society, including businesses.

But an NHS source revealed tonight: “We were told to wait for him from 7pm Friday.”

Ms. Sturgeon today faced suggestions that her government was governing through “fear”.

Sturgeon could reveal “circuit breaker” restrictions tomorrow

The Prime Minister hinted at pub closures and new travel restrictions in a ‘circuit breaker’ to curb the spread of Covid.

But legal experts questioned the decision, saying “limited evidence” rather than science seemed to guide the decision making.

And they lambasted Holyrood’s refusal to let opposition parties vote on policies that “create as much suffering in people’s lives as the virus itself.”

Ms Sturgeon could be ready to introduce a new lockdown on Friday

In a joint article, human rights defender Niall McCluskey and former court judge Christian McNeill claimed that the impact on the economy, civil rights, mental health, drug addiction, domestic violence and the NHS was becoming disproportionate to the risk of infection.

They wrote, “The question arises, why would the government do this? The answer could be that after running a very effective psychological fear project against the population, the restrictions are really popular.

“A vicious circle has been created where a terrified population rewards unwarranted government restrictions with positive polls.”

Scots face another two-week 'stay home' message3
Scots face another ‘stay home’ message for two weeks

NHS sources said doctors in Glasgow have been told to expect the stay-at-home order to go into effect at 7 p.m. on Friday.

A Scottish government document leaked two weeks ago revealed that the temporary return to a virtual lockdown – for two weeks or more – was being worked out to coincide with the semester, which begins in most schools on Friday .

Ms Sturgeon said she would discuss the matter in Cabinet this morning before potentially briefing Parliament this afternoon.

She admitted that the elimination of the leave program at the end of this month was a timing factor.

But public health experts have said that despite the increase in cases, any mini-lockdowns are expected to come later in the winter, at the point of maximum impact.

During her daily briefing on Monday, Ms Sturgeon admitted that additional travel restrictions ‘within Scotland and from Scotland to other places’ were under consideration.

Sturgeon shares warning from France’s ‘circuit breaker’ as FM urges Scots not to visit other homes

As fears for the long-term future of many alcoholics grow, she said she “hoped” the 10pm curfew would help reduce cases, but warned it was “the one. areas in which we may have to go further for a while ”.

The plans came despite the government’s pandemic adviser Prof Devi Sridhar insisting that a circuit breaker would be “useless” without mass testing and border restrictions.

Professor Linda Bauld, public health expert at the Edinburgh Unit, called for clarity.

She said, “What’s the plan? Don’t drop it with 24 hours notice. It is totally unacceptable to do this.

“All the numbers have been moving in the wrong direction for weeks. We can all see the trend.

“Tell us what you are going to do to improve the system while you are buying for yourselves.

“Are they really going to speed up testing and give the system the ability to run properly?”

The breaker leak last month suggested that new restrictions could also be placed on visits to nursing homes and hospitals, as well as the closure of pubs, restaurants and hotels, with the exception of residential stays. . The list indicated a possible travel limit of five or 30 miles and outlined plans for higher and higher education courses to be held at bay.

Hairdressers and beauticians could also be closed again.

But Ms Sturgeon rejected suggestions that schools could switch to part-time learning.

And she said of a possible circuit breaker: “We hope at some point there will be a vaccine. Do not hit the short term measures that maybe give us time to remove it while waiting for other things. ”

Referring to a mini-lockdown coinciding with the end of the job retention program, she added, “We are taking these factors into account to come to a balanced decision.

“But it has to be a balanced decision that has the desired effect of slowing the spread of this virus, bringing it back under control, and trying to do so in a way that minimizes the economic impact.”

Ms Sturgeon said she hoped to ‘give at least two days’ notice’ for any further lockdowns.

But Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said: ‘The Scottish Parliament should not be forced to back a circuit breaker without ministers explaining what they are going to achieve, how long it will last and why it is justified. ”

This came as 697 new cases of the coronavirus were recorded overnight.

No further deaths of anyone who had previously tested positive for the bug have been recorded, but the number of hospital cases has increased from eight to 218, including 22 in intensive care.

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