Two Calgary restaurants have been closed over sink problems


Content of the article

Two Calgary establishments were ordered to close by AHS last weekend, both for not having properly functioning sinks.

According to the closure notice, the Rio banquet hall located at 2850 Hopewell Pace NE was operating without a valid food handling permit.

While that alone would not have forced an immediate shutdown, kitchen practices did.

In one report, an AHS inspector found that the floor in the dishwashing area and kitchen “was covered with sewage,” noting that food establishment operators “must ensure that before When the commercial food establishment begins to operate, the commercial food establishment is connected to a properly functioning and legal sewage system. ”

The inspector found the staff washing the dishes in buckets, rather than sinks, and they did not use an approved disinfectant.

Staff washed and carried dishes while walking or standing in sewage on the floor, which was noted as another violation.


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