Twitter Down: the social network suffers from general technical problems


Twitter users reported serious problems accessing the service on Thursday afternoon in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world.A notice posted on the Twitter status page at 5:56 p.m. ET said the company was “investigating the irregularity with the Twitter APIs.”

“We know people find it difficult to tweet and use Twitter,” a company representative said. Variety. “We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. We’ll share more when we get it and tweet from @TwitterSupport when we can – stay tuned. ”

According to, reports of problems with Twitter began to increase just after 5:30 p.m. ET, and soared to over 45,000 by 5:42 p.m. Social service users reported the inability to post tweets, access their calendar or see notifications. On desktop and mobile apps, Twitter displayed error messages saying, “Something went wrong” and “Tweets are not loading at this time.”

Twitter jumped into the political spotlight this week, after preventing users from tweeting or retweeting a disputed New York Post article about Hunter Biden. This prompted calls from Republicans demanding that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explain why the company was blocking users from sharing Post’s story. Twitter said the tweets containing links to the Post’s articles violated its policy against sharing pirated material.

In addition, this summer, Twitter suffered a massive coordinated attack on high profile accounts of several celebrities, politicians, tech titans and companies in Silicon Valley. The hack, which took place on July 15, targeted around 130 separate accounts, according to the company.

Like other Internet services, Twitter has experienced outages in the past. As of July 2019, the social network was down for about an hour around the world on both mobile and desktop.


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