Twisted fans still leave flowers at the anonymous grave of pedophile Jimmy Savile


Twisted fans of disgraced pedophile Jimmy Savile still visit his unmarked grave to lay fresh flowers nearly a decade after his death.The BBC artist – who died in 2011 – has spent decades grooming, molesting and raping children.

But it seems the vile presenter’s fan base lives on, despite his countless heinous crimes, reports the Daily Star.

Savile was buried in the coastal town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, in a gold coffin with a £ 4,000 headstone.

The gravestone, which bears the epitaph: “It was good as long as it lasted”, was removed and demolished as soon as his crimes were revealed, with the aim of leaving no trace of where he was. .

BBC artist has spent decades notoriously grooming, molesting and raping children

It is feared that Savile may have abused 1,000 children, some as young as two years old.

But that doesn’t seem to deter fans who frequently visit her grave, leaving flowers as they pay homage to the sex demon.

Other fans prefer to pay homage to Savile by stopping outside his former penthouse in Leeds to meet like-minded fans and swap stories.

Sick fans still leave flowers at the anonymous grave of disgraced pedophile Jimmy Savile

They also stop at the Savile Sea View Apartment in Scarborough and the Leeds Penthouse where he also lived to pay homage and exchange photos with others.

A source told the publication: “People still pass by and leave the strange bouquet of flowers.”

Although he passed away in 2011, his fan base somehow lives on.

The source added: “These people seem to think so because Savile never had the chance to refute claims made against him that he is innocent.

“But the evidence against him was overwhelming and if he was alive today he would be in a jail cell. “

Fears Savile may have abused up to 1,000 children

Savile was one of the country’s most famous TV presenters in the 1970s and 1980s.

After his death in 2011, the disgraced artist left behind an estimated fortune of £ 5million.

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