Turkey attacks Canada for suspending arms exports


ANKARA, TURKEY – Turkey accused Canada of double standards on Tuesday after Ottawa suspended arms exports to Turkey as it investigated the use of Canadian technology in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Canadian Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne announced on Monday that he had suspended export permits to Turkey, which supports Azerbaijan in the conflict, in accordance with Canada’s export control regime. He said he had tasked his ministry to investigate allegations that Canadian drone technology is being used in the fighting.

Turkey, which has military cooperation agreements with Azerbaijan, accused Canada, a NATO ally, of creating obstacles to the export of military equipment to Turkey “in a way that does not respect the spirit of alliance ”.

A statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry also insisted that Turkey “strictly” applies the obligations arising from the export control regime.

The ministry’s statement noted that a UN report named Canada as one of the countries helping to fuel the war in Yemen. The statement also accused Canada of being influenced by Armenian diaspora groups.

“Our expectation from Canada is to conduct a policy that stays away from double standards, to act without falling under the influence of anti-Turkish groups in the country and without being trapped by narrow political interests,” said the Ministry.


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