Turkey arrests terrorist wanted by France – Middle East Monitor


Turkish security forces in the southern governorate of Adana on Friday arrested an ISIS member wanted by French authorities.Anatolie The agency reported that the state security directorate had received information about the arrival of Sumaya Al-Raisi, a Daesh operative who is listed by France as a wanted person.

Agence Anatolia added that security forces succeeded in arresting Al-Raisi, a 30-year-old Tunisian national, who arrived in Sheyhan district in Adana five months ago using a fake ID card given to Syrian refugees.

Al-Raisi, listed by French authorities as a dangerous Daesh affiliate, has been transferred to the security directorate.

An Adana court sentenced Al-Raisi, a mother-of-one, to jail pending investigation.

Rashid Al-Raisi, the husband of Sumaya Al-Raisi, was arrested in the Turkish state in Gaziantep in 2016, and after spending five months in prison, he was expelled from the country.

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