Turkey arrests Daesh terrorist wanted by France


Daesh terrorist Soumaya Raissi, wanted by France with a red notice, was arrested on Friday in the province of Adana, in southern Turkey.On October 14, Adana security forces captured Raïssi, who is also wanted by INTERPOL, in her house where she was hiding.

Originally from Tunisia, Raissi, 30, lived in the Namık Kemal district of the province with a false Syrian identity.

The woman was taken into custody for two days by security forces. Raissi denied everything in her statement and claimed that she fled France because of her husband’s domestic violence.

Raissi was a fugitive and wanted by France for four years. It is revealed that she entered Turkey five months ago from Syria.

Her first husband, Richard Raissi was captured and arrested in the south-eastern province of Gaziantep in 2016. He was subsequently expelled and deported from Turkey.

It is also determined that Raissi’s brother-in-law is also a member of Daesh.

After escaping to Syria, Raissi married for the second time, with someone whom the terrorist group introduced to her. She then had a child from this second marriage.

It is revealed that INTERPOL has issued a note on Raisi, stating that she is capable of committing “dangerous actions” and that she should be detained immediately.


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