Tua Tagovailoa: I thought Brian Flores was calling me to watch a movie


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Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said on Wednesday he was shocked to learn that the team decided to bench him in favor of first-round pick Tua Tagovailoa this week and that the rookie was also taken aback by the timing of the movement.

Tagovailoa spoke to reporters on Wednesday and said he “thought it was like any other callTo watch the film when head coach Brian Flores contacted him to inform him of the decision. It has been almost a year since Tagovailoa’s serious hip injury while in Alabama and he said: really been a tripTo get to this point, although the good feelings are tempered a bit by his close relationship with Fitzpatrick.

” I was very excited“Said Tagovailoa, via Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post. “It’s news that I think everyone would love to hear, to be named a starter in any position. But at the same time, I also felt for Fitz. Me and Fitz had a conversation about all of this. It hurts a bit to see Fitz hurt. . . . Everyone knows Fitz did a great job. I feel really lucky, I am lucky to be in a situation where I can continue to learn from Fitz.

Fitzpatrick’s presence should benefit Tagovailoa, but the real learning process will now take place on the pitch as he works to ensure his game is where it needs to be to thrive in the NFL.


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