Trump’s Town Hall: President ‘doesn’t know’ if he was tested for coronavirus on debate day


Donald Trump delivered a combative performance for mayor as he competed with the NBC News moderator over his $ 400 million in debt, his longstanding reluctance to speak out against white supremacy after revealing his medical team told him that his lungs were ‘infected’ during his battle with the coronavirus – but he stopped before saying he had pneumonia.

The president did little to attract undecided and moderate voters at Thursday night’s event in Miami, promising a vague replacement for the Affordable Care Act of 2011 known as Obamacare and s ‘by keeping to its management of the Covid-19 pandemic. He risked further alienating women and senior voters as he clashed with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, yelling at her and snapping his rebuttals over and over again during the 60-minute event. Meanwhile, his Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, used his own city hall in Philadelphia to take a hard step towards those same electoral blocs by distancing himself from a 1990s crime bill which he was the perpetrator, but that led to long stays in jail for minor drugs. abuse – a law that has hit the black community particularly hard.

“I don’t think anyone should go to court for drug use,” the Democratic presidential candidate said at his event, which aired opposite Trump on ABC. He also distanced himself from the “defund the police” movement: “We shouldn’t defund the police.”

Back in South Florida, the president was more open about his experience with Covid-19, without painting himself as gravely ill to the point of considering ceding power to Vice President Mike Pence.

“The lungs were a little different, maybe infected,” he said as Guthrie asked what.

“I didn’t ask too much,” Mr Trump said, noting that he had a fever while he was infected. “I didn’t have too much of a problem with the lungs. … I had the impression that a little something was missing.

Mr Trump said he did not know if he took a Covid-19 test on the day of his first debate with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The President yelled at Ms Guthrie and got aggressively on the defensive when she asked the first round of questions, telling her at one point she was ‘so cute’ for pressing him about the coronavirus and its resistance of several years to denounce white supremacy.

The NBC anchor told him it was important that he used to retweet posts from racist groups, telling him “you are not someone’s crazy uncle.”

Mr Trump claimed to have denounced pro-white racist groups for years, saying the media had distorted his words. But when asked to do so several times recently, he and his main collaborators did not do so using the words “white supremacists.”

On the coronavirus, she asked about wearing face masks, saying he scorned them when top health experts recommended it.

He correctly said that Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease official in Washington, “has changed his mind” and insists all Americans do.

“Wear the mask. I have no problem with that, ”said the president. “We are on the same side. “

The GOP chairman blamed President Nancy Pelosi for a new Covid-19 relief bill, saying ‘Nancy is on our way’.

“She doesn’t want to donate money,” he says – even though Senate Republicans want a small bill. The president claims he will get the Republican Senate votes needed to pass a “bold” measure.

“They will go,” he said. “I didn’t ask them because I can’t get past Nancy Pelosi.”

It comes as another dismal job reports amid a third spike in coronavirus cases – and fears of further economic closures in some areas to stop the spread.

The president has said he is not interested in further lockdowns, which Mr Biden has said he will order if cases and deaths increase dramatically again.

“Extremely under-indebted”

Mr. Trump and Ms. Guthrie put on a combative performance in what she aptly called “hot Miami”. This included his alleged $ 400 million in debts to unknown creditors.

“No, I don’t owe Russia any money. They are called mortgages. I’ll let you know who I owe, no matter how small, ”he said, adding debts exposed in a recent New York Times report: “It’s very, very simple. Tiny percentage of [net] is worth. I am extremely under-indebted.

The president, once again, has vowed to release his tax returns – but, as always, only when the results of an alleged IRS audit come into play. The agency, citing privacy laws and directives given to all Americans, refused to confirm that the president is under audit.

Mr Trump appeared for mayor of NBC News in Miami while his Democratic challenger listened to voters in Philadelphia.

The duo hosted the competing events designed for television after their planned second debate collapsed. But the two chose to hold solo town halls in swing states they gave great attention with Mr. Biden leading in both: Florida by around 4 points and Pennsylvania by around 7 points.

Mr Trump won both in 2016 and admitted at a rally in Iowa Wednesday that he was concerned about current polls putting him behind in key states. A seasoned political analyst says the president has many reasons to be concerned.

Given his approval rating of around 40 percent throughout his tenure, “there was no reason to consider him a favorite,” according to Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report. “Given these numbers, Trump was already on thin ice as the coronavirus pandemic approached.”

“After three months of depreciating the severity and mortality of the epidemic and touting questionable cures, the ice under his feet has grown even thinner. With his debating performance, he gave in and he came down, ”he added. “Swing voters, in particular, have gradually turned the volume down on the speaker. After the [first presidential] debate, they finally remained silent and stopped listening altogether.

As he pursues a battlefield blitz, the president landed on Thursday first in North Carolina – which he also won in 2016 but polls suggest it’s a dead end this time around – for a rally in Greenville in which he attacked Biden and his son Hunter as taking advantage of his father’s time as VP while average Americans have been “robbed” by other countries.

Mr Trump, still aggrieved and using this to appeal to a rather aggressive Tory base, complained about a town hall he accepted.

“So you know I’m getting settled in tonight, right?” So I’m doing this town hall with Comcast, CON, okay, because it’s a con-job, CON, not COM. CON cast, ”he said of NBC’s parent company.

“So I do and it’s NBC, the worst. Home of ‘Sleepy Eyes’ Chuck Todd and a few others. And they gave Lester Holt, he’s a beauty, they gave Joe Biden a town hall a week ago and it was for the kids, ”he said of his recent presence. rival on the network to answer questions from voters.

He then, once again, attacked Mr. Biden’s age – even though, at 77, he’s only three years older than the president.

“And so they asked me if I would and I thought, hell, we have a free hour on TV. And we have Savannah Guthrie, she’s still adorable, isn’t she? But I understand why not? What’s the difference in tone between what they did to this guy who can’t put two sentences together and what they do to me, ”he said.

“But with me, it’s me, it’s a life, we know what we’re doing and we keep going and we do it. But they do it on, they do it on ABC, ”the president added. “And, actually, I’d love to watch him because I want to see if he can get through the program.


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