Trump twists Boston University AOC graduate’s education record at Wisconsin rally, unmissable


“He is against oil. He is against guns. And he’s against religion, right? Mr Trump said, distorting the beliefs and track record of the former vice president. “I am the oil man. How can you get a head start when you need it to start your factories? “

He was referring to his small lead in Texas and other power-producing states, where he follows Mr Biden with just over six days to Election Day.

Mr Trump used this part of his second of three rallies on Tuesday to move on to his part of his now-repeated rally speech in which he attempts to tie Mr Biden to the progressive wing of his party. They want a dramatic environmental plan called the “Green New Deal” enacted that experts say would require a fundamental overhaul of the US economy, with a price tag in the billions of billions.

“They don’t even know how to do it,” Mr Trump said, appearing to allude to the fact that Democrats so far couldn’t explain how they would pay for their bold proposal that many establishment Democrats are calling for. oppose.

“They got like AOC Plus Three,” he said of the New York Democrat and her 2018 comrades, the progressive women in the House. “She has no idea. I don’t even think she studied it. Maybe in high school she studied it.

The crowd at a small speedway in West Salem laughed.

“Did she even go to college?” he asked for more laughter. “Tell me, because I don’t know. … But it is not heavy in the environment.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is a graduate of Boston University with honors with a double major in international relations and economics.

Mr Trump made the remark in a state that he is lagging behind by 5.5 percentage points; he won it four years ago over Hillary Clinton in a surprise.

As now, the polls showed that she was winning outside the margins of error of most polls.

A GOP strategist contacted on Tuesday by The independent said the 2020 race was breaking “eerily similar” to the one Mr. Trump took four years ago.

“A few percentage points in a few swing states, with a hidden Trump vote. This is what we have. Just like last time, ”said the pro Republican politician. “I wouldn’t bet against the president. But I think Biden has the advantage.


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