Trump tests positive for coronavirus


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Donald and Melania Trump in quarantine with Covid

Donald Trump announced that he and his wife Melania had tested positive for the coronavirus and were in quarantine. In a tweet just before 6 a.m., the US President said, “We’re going to get through this TOGETHER! The diagnosis came after Hope Hicks, one of Mr. Trump’s closest associates, also tested positive for Covid-19. It is everything we know so far about the couple’s symptoms – and the likely impact on next month’s election. The president and his staff do not regularly wear masks. Mr Trump has disparaged the people who wear them – although medical professionals say masks are one of the key things people can do to help prevent the spread of the virus. The FTSE 100 is expected to fall and US equity futures have collapsed after the news broke. Follow all of today’s updates in our live blog.

SNP politician took coronavirus to Commons

A Scottish nationalist MP has twice broken Covid laws by bringing the coronavirus into Parliament before returning home to Scotland on a train – despite knowing she had the virus. Margaret Ferrier, one of the SNP leaders, is under police investigation and faces calls for a £ 4,000 fine for ‘reckless’ behavior after testing positive on Monday. The MP did not inform his party of the result of his test, keeping it a secret for two days. Ms Ferrier was suspended by the SNP last night. Political correspondent Harry Yorke reports how House of Commons and NHS authorities are trying to trace his contacts. If other MPs do not know the law, this is when you should self-isolate if you get Covid.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson faces a Tory rebellion over the 22 hour national curfew after being accused of presiding over a ‘nanny state’. The rebels wonder if they can force a vote on the issue under rules that allow MPs retrospective debates on changes made by ministers. Camilla Tominey writes that many of the party’s most senior members are wondering when the Prime Minister will call time on the back of beer policy. And Mat nails the funny side of today’s cartoon.

Why so many of us have dreams of Covid anxiety

Are Coronavirus Fears Keeping You From Getting a Good Night’s Sleep? For many people, their dreams are more frequent and bizarre – but others admit that they are plagued by nightmares. Today, new studies confirm the fact that for many people, Covid-19 has turned 2020 not only into a metaphorical nightmare, but into a literal nightmare. Lea Hardy study how to control your vivid dreams of Covid anxiety and make them work for you.

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Burgess accused | Sam Burgess, the former rugby league and union international, is accused of attacking his heavily pregnant wife in a series of drug-fueled rampages that have been covered by his club in Australia. The 31-year-old Yorkshireman, who is accused of harassment in police documents, is said to have witnessed “his 116kg body being crushed” against Phoebe Burgess’ wife. Tom Morgan reports on documents, texts and police interviews uncovered by Australian media.

Around the world: Daddy’s Armenian army

Armenian media claim that 7,000 wagons full of volunteers have already reached the Nagorno-Karabakh front line, responding to a call to fight against Azerbaijan. Lily Colin FreemanShipment from Yerevan, Armenia, and check out our daily gallery of most striking images from around the world.


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