Trump says Saudi Arabia will recognize Israel soon


President TrumpDonald John Trump More than 300 military family members endorse Biden Five to take away from Trump-Biden final debate Biden: “I would transition the oil industry” MORE said on Friday that he expects Saudi Arabia to open diplomatic relations with Israel soon, following news that Sudan has agreed to normalize relations with the Jewish state.”So, as you know, we have a lot of countries getting ready, and we also have – I’m sure you’ll see Saudi Arabia there very soon,” the president said in a speech to the press from the office. oval.

“I really believe that will happen too, and a very good relationship with Saudi Arabia so you will see something very special.

Trump said about five other countries are expected to announce open relations with Israel as part of the administration’s efforts to establish diplomatic relations between the Jewish state and predominantly Arab and Muslim states and as against it. Iran.

The wave of diplomacy comes less than two weeks before the election and as Trump seeks to promote himself as a peacemaker and negotiator over his opponent, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe BidenJoe Biden More than 300 military family members approve of Biden Five to take away from Trump-Biden Biden final debate: “I would move on from the oil industry”.

“Do you think sleepy Joe could have made this deal, Bibi?” Trump said in a phone call with the Israeli prime minister Benjamin netanyahuBenjamin (Bibi) NetanyahuMORE in the Oval Office. “Sleepy Joe… do you think he would have made this deal somehow?” I do not think so.

“We appreciate the help for peace of everyone in America and we appreciate what you have done,” Netanyahu replied.

Sudan became the third country the Trump administration has helped negotiate relations with Israel on Friday, following the signing last month at the White House of the Abrahamic Accords formalizing diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. .

Israel signed a peace treaty with Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994.

Trump said an additional signing ceremony would take place to formalize relations with Sudan and other expected countries.

“At the end of the day we’re going to have a great meeting at the end where everyone is here and everyone is going to be signed and we expect Saudi Arabia to be one of those countries,” Trump said. .

Saudi Arabia has widely reported smoother relations with Israel and has reportedly maintained secret security and diplomatic ties for years to counter Iranian influence in the region.

Riyadh’s most recent public recognition of Israel allowed its use of airspace by Israeli commercial flights following the negotiation of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.


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