Trump News Live: Latest 2020 election updates and polls as President speaks from White House


US President Donald Trump takes off his face mask upon his return to the White House.
Donald Trump is expected to resume the full swing of the election campaign on Saturday with an address to hundreds of supporters from the balcony of the White House.

The president was sidelined for more than a week after his diagnosis of Covid-19 and has yet to be declared virus-free by his medical team, but has been allowed to resume his public engagements.

His second televised debate with his rival Joe Biden was, however, canceled after the president refused to participate.


In his first on-camera interview after his coronavirus hospitalization, Donald Trump said he did not know how Covid-19 had spread in the White House, where more than a dozen people have tested positive for the virus.

Health officials say a Rose Garden event announcing the president’s candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court on September 26 was likely a ‘super-broadcaster’ event, after his inner circle, including First Lady Melania Trump, his press secretary, campaign officials and chief aides tested positive within a week.

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Biden criticizes campaign events

Trump’s rival Joe Biden has sharply criticized the president’s decision to resume the campaign.

He told reporters in Paradise, Nevada, “Good luck. I won’t come unless you have a mask on and can walk away. “

A source familiar with planning for the White House event today said all attendees should wear masks.

On Monday, people at Trump’s rally in central Florida will receive temperature checks, face masks they will be encouraged to wear and have access to hand sanitizer, according to the campaign.

Biden will travel today to the town of Erie in northwestern Pennsylvania, a state in which Trump narrowly took over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

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Donald Trump said he felt “really, really strong” in his first on-camera interview since testing positive for Covid-19 last week.

Speaking to Dr Marc Siegel on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, the president said he was “drug free” as of Friday and felt “strong”.

In the interview – which took place shortly after the cancellation of the second presidential debate – Trump also said he had been retested for the coronavirus but did not know if he had learned the result. . However, he said he knew he was probably free of the virus.

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A debate next week between Donald Trump and his presidential opponent Joe Biden has been called off because Trump refused to participate.

The body overseeing presidential debates said the match between Trump and Biden, the Democratic candidate, scheduled for Oct. 15, had been formally canceled.

Trump declined to participate in what was supposed to be the second of three debates with Biden after the Presidential Debates Commission put him in a virtual competition following the president’s illness.

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The president prepares the speech on the balcony

Donald Trump is taking his first steps towards resuming the election campaign in person today, as he is expected to deliver remarks around a “law and order” theme from a balcony of the White House to hundreds of supporters.

The president has been sidelined for more than a week since being diagnosed with Covid-19 at a critical time in the November 3 election campaign.

He has not yet been certified as virus-free by his medical team and questions remain as to whether he is still contagious, but he has been allowed to resume his public commitments from today.

And on Monday, Trump is planning a campaign rally in central Florida, a must-see state for his hopes of a second term.

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