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… And welcome to the morning after the Trump rallies the night before, in which the president visited Michigan and Wisconsin, two swing states, and:

  • Accused Joe Biden and the left of wanting to “erase American history” and “purge American values”
  • Democrats were “anti-American radicals,” which meant moderates had a “moral duty” to join the Republican Party
  • Said a Joe Biden presidency would stimulate “the greatest depression in our country’s history“And” to turn Michigan into a refugee camp “
  • Biden said that “would shut down the country, delay the vaccine and extend the [coronavirus] pandemic “
  • Asked: “Can you imagine if I lose? I would have lost to the worst candidate in the history of American politics. What do I do? “
  • Guest a song from “Lock her up” about Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer – the object of an alleged kidnapping or even an assassination plot by white supremacist terrorists

Whitmer’s chief digital officer Tori Saylor urged Trump to stop, writing on Twitter: “Whenever the president does this at a rally, the rhetoric is violent towards [the governor] immediately intensifies on social networks. It has to stop. It must. ”

It doesn’t seem likely, nor does Trump seem likely to stop holding rallies in states with a surge in coronavirus cases without overly insisting on mask-wearing or social distancing or following any other advice from. public health.

Michigan and Wisconsin polls not good for Trump – nor are they encouraging nationally or in many other battlefield states. But The Associated Press, my source for the summary above, also points to a note to supporters of Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon, which warns against complacency.

The reality is that this race is much closer than some of the pundits we see on Twitter and on TV suggest. If we learned anything from 2016, it’s that we can not underestimate Donald Trump or his ability to come back to contention in the last days of a campaign, through slander or underhanded tactics at his disposal. “

Trump will meet in Nevada on Sunday, Arizona on Monday, and Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Biden is in North Carolina today.

Another line from the PA’s good campaign report: Biden is fundraising massively against the president, who even campaigns in states like Georgia that a Republican would typically expect to win. But on Saturday Trump claimed he would be “the greatest fundraiser in political history” if he tried … but he didn’t want to make calls and didn’t need the money.

Here is Lois Beckett on guns, power and law. More follows.


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