Trump CHAOS: US elections spark huge protest clash as brawl breaks out in New York | World | News


Social media images showed a large number of vehicles from a “Jews for Trump” rally driving through Brooklyn and Manhattan yesterday. But supporters of the president have encountered protesters along their route, some attempting to tear up flags from pro-Trump vehicles. Other reports showed violence by Republican supporters, where a video showed a man attacking a protester above a barricade.

Twitter accounts posted a series of videos where supporters and protesters clashed.
NYC Scanner posted a clip where two protesters threw stones at a “Jewish For Trump” convoy in Brooklyn.

The account also showed footage of a lone protester throwing eggs at the convoy of vehicles.

NYC Scanner also showed a lone protester blocking traffic and said, “This man is so upset that a convoy of #JewsForTrump vehicles practically closed the Brooklyn Bridge as he was on his way to Manhattan, that he started to hit vehicles.

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As the convoy of vehicles passed the Trump Tower in Manhattan, a larger crowd of anti-Trump protesters were spotted.

A woman was filmed being pulled over on Fifth Avenue after allegedly spraying Trump vehicles with pepper spray.

Images on social media also showed a scuffle between a Trump supporter and protesters in Times Square, where a man left his vehicle and was beaten by the crowd.

The clip also showed red paint being thrown at vehicles, with police arresting the suspected vandal.

After encountering resistance from protesters, the “Jewish For Trump” fleet gathered at the marine park for an impromptu rally.

Social media backlash has been divided into chaotic scenes, with some accusing the violence of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters.

One Twitter user said, “Anti-Trump protesters are attacking Jews for supporting Trump.

“Do you condemn the violence of your party?

It comes as the November 3 election draws closer, with just eight days before Mr. Trump or his Democratic rival Joe Biden are elected president.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden have yet to comment on the New York scenes, with the president currently campaigning in Bangor, Maine.

At a rally in New Hampshire the same day, he bragged about his electoral chances and said, “They don’t know what’s going to hit them – red wave. “


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