Trump campaigns in New Jersey as white supremacy continues – Live | American News


“The SA men are the first men in the party,” Aldof Hitler told his opponent, private prosecutor Hans Litten in 1931. Then, in response to Kurt Ohnesorge, the judge who conducted the hearing, Hitler said that the Left-wing ‘red murderers’ were the real problem: ‘If a South African man really goes beyond the limits of self-defense, you can’t hold a man accountable.’Compare that to Donald Trump’s signage at his base. During Tuesday’s presidential debate, he was asked, “Are you ready tonight to condemn white supremacy and the militias and say they must step back and not escalate the violence?”

He replied, “I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing, not the right wing.” He continued, “Proud Boys, take a step back and stay away.” Then came the rationale: “But I’ll tell you what, someone has to do something against the antifa and the left.” Because it’s not a right-wing problem, it’s a left-wing problem. ”

Trump is wrong to claim that the left is responsible for the violence on American streets. Between January 1, 1994 and May 8, 2020, white supremacists and other right-wing extremists in the United States carried out attacks that left 329 people dead. In the same period, a single attack organized by an anti-fascist resulted in a murder.


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