Trump and White House give conflicting reports on his condition | United States and Canada


Trump’s speech came just hours after various assessments of his health from administration officials

  • US President Donald Trump said in a recorded message that he felt bad when he arrived at Walter Reed Medical Center but now feels better.
  • The US president has been transferred to the military hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, for treatment there after testing positive for COVID-19.
  • Earlier, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said the president’s symptoms were “of great concern”.
  • Trump’s diagnosis forced him to at least temporarily withdraw from the campaign, raising questions about its potential effects on the November 3 election.

Here are the latest updates:

02:15 AM ET (06:15 GMT) – Pompeo cuts his next trip to Asia amid Trump’s hospitalization

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will leave for Japan on Sunday but will not travel to Mongolia and South Korea as initially planned, the State Department said, after President Donald Trump was hospitalized with the coronavirus .

“Secretary Pompeo plans to visit Asia again in October and will work to reschedule visits on this trip, which is only a few weeks away,” the department said in a statement.

Initially, Pompeo planned to visit all three countries between October 4 and October 8.

11:00 p.m. ET (03:00 GMT) – Trump’s personal assistant reportedly infected

One of President Donald Trump’s personal assistants is said to have contracted the coronavirus.

Nick Luna has reportedly worked closely with the president, according to Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs.

10:10 p.m. ET (02:10 GMT) – Medical team ‘cautiously optimistic’ but Trump is not ‘out of the woods’ yet

President Donald Trump’s senior physician said in a health update that the medical team treating the president were “cautiously optimistic,” but also notes that the president is “not out of the woods yet.”

The last assessment was made on Saturday evening by the Commander of the Navy, Dr Sean Conley. He reported that Trump had been in his medical room during the day and had been doing business.

Medical experts say the illness caused by the virus, COVID-19, can become more dangerous as the body responds to the infection over time.

20 h 45 HE (00 h 45 GMT) – Biden promises to release all COVID tests

The campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate, has promised to release any future COVID-19 tests the candidate takes. Prior to Trump’s diagnosis earlier this week, Biden had not disclosed full details of his testing protocol or the results of each test.

He told reporters on Saturday in Wilmington that he had not been tested that day but would be on Sunday morning. His campaign said he tested negative for COVID twice on Friday.

Biden spokesman Andrew Bates said Biden was not in “close contact” with Trump, family members or associates during their debate Tuesday night. Several people in Trump’s campaign have tested positive in recent days.

19 h 20 HE (23 h 20 GMT samedi) – Trump posts video message

US President Donald Trump, who is being treated for COVID-19 at a military hospital outside Washington, said in a video on Saturday that he felt unwell when he arrived at the facility but was “starting now to feel good ”. The speech came hours after conflicting assessments of his health from administration officials failed to reveal how ill the president had become since testing positive for coronavirus.

A team of White House doctors said on Saturday morning that Trump’s condition was improving and that he was already talking about returning to the White House.

But within minutes, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows gave reporters a less optimistic assessment, telling reporters: “The President’s vital data over the past 24 hours was very concerning and the next 48 hours will be crucial for his care. We are still not on a clear path to full recovery. ”

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