Trucks relocate nearly $ 12 billion in gold bars


– It really was the gold standard of road trips. The Netherlands central bank transported its Netherlands-based gold stock – 14,000 bullion and around 1,000 boxes of gold coins – from its headquarters in Amsterdam to a safe in the nearby town of Haarlem in a meticulously and closely watched operation that ended on Saturday, the bank said in a statement, per the AP. Besides bullion worth $ 11.7 billion, the bank also transferred bills worth an additional $ 5.3 billion as part of the operation led by the Royal Netherlands Military Police. Silver and gold traveled about 20 km in trucks guarded by armed military police, police motorcycles and a police helicopter hovering overhead. The operation began on Friday and ended on Saturday afternoon.

Military police said in a statement that “the carefully planned operation went smoothly and safely.” The move precedes the renovation of the central bank’s Amsterdam offices and the permanent move of gold and banknotes to a safe that has yet to be built in the central city of Zeist. The Dutch central bank does not store all of its gold in the Netherlands. It also has large reserves stored in the United States, Great Britain and Canada.

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