Troy Aikman responds to criticism of military overflight comments


Military overflights have become a routine pre-game ritual in the NFL.

But there was nothing routine about the flyby before the Green Bay Packers-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game on Sunday.

As the jets flew over Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Fox broadcasters Troy Aikman and Joe Buck had this brief, joking exchange on the air that drew some criticism.

“That’s a lot of jet fuel just for a little flyover,” Aikman said.

“It’s your hard-earned money and your taxes at work,” Buck said.

“This thing does not happen with a Kamela [Harris]-[Joe] Biden ticket, I’ll tell you right now, partner, ”Aikman said.

Former Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback Aikman took to Twitter to respond to criticism of his comments on Tuesday.

“I love a flyover but it was strange to see one above an almost empty stadium, but I am an unwavering patriot who loves this country, has always respected our flag, supported the men and women of the armed forces as well as those in uniform who serve and protect, “Aikman said.” Anyone who suggests otherwise does not know me, my beliefs or what I have stood for all my life. “

The cost of the Sunday flyby is unclear. however, Le Washington Post reported in April that flying a squadron of fighter jets costs at least $ 60,000 an hour.

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