Triple H opens up about NXT’s COVID-19 challenges, Tegan Nox’s injury status, rumors of move on Tuesday in takeover conference call


Triple H held the traditional pre-takeover press conference on Wednesday, where he discussed this weekend’s show and answered questions about the COVID-19 outbreak and rumors about a possible transfer on Tuesdays, while also providing an update on Tegan Nox’s Injury Status. You can check out a recap and the full video (by WZ) below:* Adam Hopkins gives the floor to Triple H, who said there’s a lot going on right now and has toured tonight’s NXT, including the Io Shirai & Damian Priest game against Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano , Kyle O’Reilly face to face with Finn Balor before their match at Tkeover. He said there are a lot of times that shows have been put on that you look for something that you know is spectacular and he thinks the majority of hardcore NXT fans understand how good O’Reilly vs. Balor will be, while than more casual fans will be. remember it for a long time. He says it has the potential to change a lot of things in the industry and O’Reilly’s perceptions.

* He said tonight’s NXT would lead to Takeover, which gives him a unique feel given they were stepping out of Karrion Kross having to relinquish the title, Keith Lee moving to Raw and that with all the challenges they face this week. week after week it has been a creative challenge6. But he thinks the card looks amazing on paper and will deliver too much. He put on Santos Escobar and the package with Legado Del Fantasma, as well as Isaiah “Sweve” Scott. Without the restrictions that television creates, he believes they will perform at the highest level. He switched to KUSHIDA and Velveteen Dream and said Dream is one of their most flamboyant performers while KUSHIDA is turning a corner in why he’s here in NXT and America.

* With Priest against Gargano, he called Johnny one of NXT’s most consistent performers, and said Priest had played star performances in recent memory, and said it was hard to see which match expect the most, naming Shirai against LeRae as one of them. He said they’ve done it in different positions before and with the Women’s TItle in play it should be a show stealer. With O’Reilly versus Balor, he says this is O’Reilly’s escape opportunity and one for the ages.

* HHH said this show will have a unique look and feel, something totally different and we’ll hear more on Sunday. He also mentioned the return of NXT UK and praised BT for leaving them in their studios to let the talents do what they do. He spoke about the Heritage Cup and the British round format, which he said he, Regal, HBK, Jim Smallman, Johnny Saint have all been talking about wanting to bring the format into the mainstream. He said it would be special for those with a history and track record of British wrestling, and said he looked forward to being able to travel to other countries soon.

* Asked about the COVID-19 outbreak in NXT and where the PC allowed to train is located, Triple H said he’s confident Sunday’s card will go as planned, but things will obviously work out touch and unfold now. He said the PC is working and no one can control or stop things, and they are doing their best to keep everyone safe. When good points arise, they largely contract the tracing and quarantining of these people for the welfare of all. He said he was convinced that once they had done all of this they had isolated him and everyone was safe.

* When asked if NXT is coming to Span soon, he said they are constantly looking at where it isn’t yet and how they can bring it there. He said most broadcasters and stations are dealing with the pandemic, so things are moving more slowly, and I hope they can get there very soon.

* Asked about reports of the party that may have caused the outbreak and if there is a punishment for risky behavior, or what message is being given to talents about their off-the-clock behavior, he said you do the same as everyone else. do: tell people it’s not over yet and we all need to be smart, be careful, wear masks. He said they were urging the talent to move away socially, to stay in the bubble. But he said unfortunately it’s real life and whether it’s something like that or going to the grocery store it’s all risky. He said he’s not thrilled when people do things they’re not supposed to do and it’s still their personal life.

* Asked about NXT UK: Dublin is moving in June and when the next UK takeover could take place, he said he would like nothing more than to see one before June. He said if you asked him the question just a few weeks ago, the situation in Europe is different and everything is flowing right now. He said as soon as he can travel with talent, they will and as soon as they can get talent to do things on a larger scale, they will. If things didn’t change, he would start talking to BT about using this studio. He said there had been discussions about this and he would like something to be done well before June, but they need to see how it all goes. He said at the moment that he was just thrilled that he got to walk into BT Studios and was looking for the next step, but they’re not quite there yet.

* The next question was about Kyle O’Reilly being in his first main event and if there was a plan to raise him for a while, or if this was due to the changes in the main event. HHH said it’s been a while since this has been going on, but it has likely been sped up a bit due to Kross’ injury and Keith Lee’s move to Raw. Not a lot, but a little and he might have liked a little more time to build the story. He put O’Reilly as a naturally charismatic and funny great performer, and says people will see him on a whole different level. He also introduced him as a really nice person and is happy to see him get the chance, and noted that he and Balor were talking to anyone who would listen to work together for a long time.

* When asked when you could expect fans to return, he repeated that it was very touching but that he didn’t see it as a traveling show for a while. It’s still in a pandemic and cases are on the rise again. At the same time, life goes on and the places reopen. He said they’re looking at what’s available, but they won’t do it until they can do it in a way that is safe for fans and performers. He said he would oppose their protocols to everyone and said security was their key.

* When asked if NXT would be involved in the WWE Draft, he answered honestly that he didn’t know and as much as he would like to know, he doesn’t know. He said it’s going to happen but he’s not sure and we’ll all have to wait and see. He made the draft an exciting time and said he would wait to find out.

* The next caller asked if he’s still monitoring Australian talent for scouting even if he couldn’t go, and asked if there was a place for then in NXT. He said yes, absolutely and there’s a big scene there that has really escalated lately. He loves to see young people. hungry athletes with a passion and love to recruit them. He said they were keeping an eye on it 100% and getting pictures from Australia even though they couldn’t go. They will recruit as soon as they can get there and said it a few times – he considers it all to be talent and he wants the best in the world, all over the world.

* Asked about the early days of RETRIBUTION and how Talents and Triple H contributed to how they will be used on the main roster, he initially joked that he didn’t know RETRIBUTION was from NXT. He said they were having conversations about who will go where, when and how they organize this schedule. He said at that point that he didn’t have a say in them once they got to Raw or Smackdown and said he got a call from them, that they had meetings to find out who is going where when, and sometimes it’s reversed but the creative teams of those brands are in control.

* Asked about Wade Barrett’s return, he said he was a huge fan of Barrett when he was in the business and was impressed when Barrett made comments outside of WWE, and that he was interesting to bring him back for that. He said he never had the right time to bring Barrett in due to the schedule differences, but once it lined up it happened very quickly. He noted that it was a difficult time to do business, but that he was really happy that they were able to make a deal because Barrett has a great point of view and a good contribution to the comments, but provides a basis. of character and is very intelligent.

* Finally, Dave Meltzer asked if the audience was increasing when NXT moved to Tuesday and asked if there had been any serious discussions about moving the show there permanently away from AEW. Triple H said he was happy with where they were and there were conversations around such things all the time. He said it was the first Wednesday and said they were looking at what worked best for them and their partners, and they were doing what worked best for everyone. He said he had said from the start that it was not a concern for him; he just puts on the best show he can. As to where the show is, it’s up to WWE and Partners both and wherever it ends it will put on the best show it can get.

* He ended the call by announcing that Tegan Nox actually tore his ACL and has already had surgery. He said she looked badly injured and it is, but he knows she’s strong and if anyone can come back it will be her and he can’t wait for her to come back . He asked everyone to think of her, thanked everyone for supporting NXT and NXT UK and closed the call.

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