‘Totally mad’: Trump lashes out at moderator Savannah Guthrie after tough questions at NBC mayor


the Today The TV station was praised for its harsh criticism of the president on white supremacy, the coronavirus, and the QAnon conspiracy theory.

“I had someone who went totally crazy last night,” Mr. Trump said at his Friday event for seniors in Fort Myers, Fla.

“I had a lot of fun last night with that, it was a nice pleasant evening,” he added.

“I understand it worked really well last night, that’s what the word means.

“Another night in paradise, that’s what I call it.”

Mr Trump and Ms Guthrie clashed several times at Thursday night’s NBC event, with the reporter even telling him “You are the president – you are not like someone’s crazy uncle” because from his retweet of extravagant conspiracy theories.

Ms Guthrie also challenged the president for refusing to expose the QAnon conspiracy group.

The president has repeatedly denied any knowledge of the right-wing group, which the FBI called a threat of domestic terrorism, although Ms Guthrie had instigated it, and although he was questioned about it at a conference press release at the White House in mid-August.

“Let me tell you what I hear about is that they are very strongly against pedophilia and I agree with that. I totally agree with that, ”Mr. Trump said.

At one point, Mr. Trump was so frustrated with Ms. Guthrie’s attempts to counter his claims that he spoke of her and said “so cute” to his line of questions.

“You always do this, you did this to me and to everyone. I denounced white supremacy, I’ve denounced it for years, you still do that, ”the president said after being asked about his past reluctance to denounce groups like the Proud Boys.


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