Toronto Maple Leafs News: Barb Underhill gives us a physics lesson


There are few Maple Leafs coaching staff talked about with as much stifled respect as Barb Underhill, so yesterday’s profile on Lightning’s website – she works for both teams and was originally brought in in the NHL by Steve Yzerman – felt interview with an almost mythical character. If you’ve ever wondered what, exactly, Underhill Is when she “corrects” someone’s skating, this piece goes into some really fascinating detail:

“I’m still looking for the blade,” Underhill said. “In every sport there is a sweet spot, and the blade has a sweet spot. And so when you hit it, there is no strain on your body because you are fully supported. When you are not on the right side of your blade or if your blade is not quite under you, there is friction and therefore there will be tension in your body. So I’m looking to find the perfect balance point for a player where the skating becomes effortless, it becomes easy, it becomes more efficient, where he is able to accelerate faster because his body is aligned on the right side of the blade. So breaking things down in slow motion is great, super important to be able to see those details. ”

Usually any quote from a hockey coach of any type looks more like it was spat out by a neural network trained on motivational textbooks than an excerpt from a physics textbook, but Underhill clearly likes to talk. the science of skating. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly she did to transform Brayden Point from an average skater into, well, Brayden Point, she’ll tell you – these are apparently her heels.

(She also has a Calder Cup ring, thanks to her time working with the Norfolk Admirals, which is a clear sign the Leafs need to step up their shit.)

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