TikTok puts Fleetwood Mac rumors back in Billboard’s top 10


Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors is one of the top 10 albums this week – over four decades after its release – thanks to a viral TikTok video that rocked everyone on “Dreams.” Rumors Now sits seventh on the Billboard 200 charts, the release announced last night, the album’s first top 10 appearance since 1978, a year after its debut.

Rumors“The new popularity is due to a viral video of Nathan Apodaca, which goes by 420doggface208 on TikTok, which shows him skateboarding on a road and sipping sugar cane juice straight from the jug, while” Dreams ”plays over it. It’s been viewed over 60 million times since it was published at the end of September, and it’s even inspired Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks to sign up for TikTok in the past two weeks. Fleetwood recreated the viral video herself, while Nicks posted a video of herself lacing roller skates and singing. They have a total of 35 million views.

BillboardThe metric chart measures album “units” moved each week in terms of sales, purchase tracking, and flow. Rumors is in the top 10 with 33,000 units, of which nearly 70% come from streaming. Billboard says he counted 30.6 million album streams for the week ending Oct. 15. Rumors had already climbed the charts in recent weeks as the song went viral, although the classic album was hovering into the 50s even without the boost. “Dreams” itself climbed on Spotify, becoming the 20th most popular song of the week.

Rumors’ resurgence is another example of the power of TikTok for musicians. The app made Lil Nas X a celebrity, and since then other artists have tried – sometimes desperately – to harness its power to make them successful. Rumors“The success shows that there is even room for new audiences to discover a classic.


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