Tier 2 London: Am I allowed to receive guests?


London will move to level 2 of England’s local coronavirus alert system from Saturday, barring people from separated households from mixing indoors.

The change, announced Thursday, came as Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned infection rates in the capital were on a “strong upward trajectory” and confirmed cases were doubling every 10 days.

The city-wide restrictions, which are backed by Mayor Sadiq Khan, follow 11 boroughs recording more than 100 new cases of Covid-19 per week per 100,000 residents, according to official figures.

Mr Khan himself warned that Londoners face “a difficult winter” as citizens of the capital face restrictions on their freedoms.

So here’s what you need to know about what the new rules about socializing say:

Getting together in groups of more than six is ​​a criminal offense (Jeremy Selwyn)

Am I allowed to receive guests?

Government guidelines for areas with level 2 restrictions state that people “shall not socialize with friends and family indoors in any location” unless they live with them. them or have formed a bubble of support.

“This includes private homes and all other indoor places such as pubs and restaurants,” the guide says.

He adds that people can “continue to see friends and family you don’t live with (or have not formed a bubble of support with) outdoors, including in a garden or another outdoor space ”, provided people don’t get together in groups of more than six and follow the rules of social distancing.

The guidelines also suggest that individuals should limit the number of different people they see socially over a short period of time, but do not specifically define the duration of that.

There are exceptions to these rules, set out here.

When do Tier 2 rules come into effect in the capital?

Level 2 restrictions are to be imposed in London from midnight Friday.

London was initially placed in the mid-level 1 category when the new three-tier coronavirus strategy went into effect on Wednesday.


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