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We have our first official Big Brother 22 Final 3 member, so now the next veto contest is where everyone changes focus. But one player is really upset by the outcome of the HOH competition and seems to think that no one else should be allowed to play the game. Read on for all of these details.

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9:18 pm BBT – Return of flows. Enzo wears the HOH key around his neck.

9:45 p.m. BBT – Enzo, talking to himself, says it’s going to be hard because Cody wants Christmas but he wants Christmas. He says they will see what happens on Saturday with veto.

10:10 pm BBT – Noel has already spoken to Enzo about the nominees. Enzo tells Nicole that she’s already bothering him. He says she needs to relax, he just won and doesn’t know what he’s doing yet.

10:15 PM BBT – Nicole tells Cody she’s going crazy. She is so annoyed that Enzo won HOH and Christmas thinks she is close enough to Enzo to tell him to go after Cody. Nicole says that means Christmas is the closest to Enzo in the house. Cody tells Nicole that Christmas isn’t close to anyone, and Enzo has no power after the appointments.

10:18 PM BBT – Cody says he started the competition on Enzo and seems annoyed with the way Enzo is acting on winning.

10:20 PM BBT – Nicole is annoyed because Enzo was trying not to drive Christmas crazy during the HOH competition. She said he was making moves against Cody and Christmas and that bothered her. Nicole says that Enzo showed his true colors today and that she doesn’t trust him. She says she’s still mad at what Enzo did to Cody (no idea what it is).

10:24 PM BBT – Nicole said the way Enzo played HOH was revealing and that she would bring Christmas to the Finals 2 now. She says there was a time when Enzo came right next to Cody during the competition and took a seat away from Cody.

10:25 PM BBT – Cody says if Christmas wins his veto, he’s toast. Nicole says Christmas is not going to be vetoed.

22:27 BBT – Nicole says that Enzo wants Christmas to go to Final 3 because she will take him to Final 2. Cody said she won’t go to Final 3. He once said that “I don’t. will not allow him to do so. be in final 3. ”

10:28 PM BBT – Cody says Enzo told him Nicole was in the best place now. Nicole is annoyed by this. She asks why she is in the best place now. Cody says if Christmas wins her veto, she cuts it and Cody says it’s 100% true. Cody said he told Enzo that if he wins his veto there is no way he will lead Christmas to Final 3.

10:33 PM BBT – Nicole says if Enzo doesn’t name Christmas then something is going on. Cody says Enzo will name Christmas. Nicole says it must be her and Christmas because Enzo owes Cody not to host him (yes, that’s for real).

11:00 PM BBT – Nicole tells Cody it’ll be just fun when they get to F3. He says it won’t if he gets cut before that. She says that won’t happen.

11:20 p.m. BBT – Enzo and Christmas think Memphis will do a good job bringing things up at the panel discussion.

11:35 pm BBT – Enzo thinks he has to win an endurance competition, ask questions, and then choose who will sit next to him in F2.

1:10 BBT – The HGs are upstairs for Enzo’s HOH room.

2:15 AM BBT – Enzo tells Cody he’s going to play hard for the Veto. Enzo says Nicole is in a good situation and they should cut her off. Cody doesn’t want to. Enzo promises Cody to keep him out of the block this round because he wants to go to F2 with him. He says it will be two Jersey boys in F2 who have never been to the Block.

02:20 BBT – Enzo says he’s nervous that Cody throws F3 at Nicole to cut Enzo.

2:45 am BBT – Cody and Enzo have been in the HOH room to chat as the night ends.

3:00 AM BBT – Lights off. HG falls asleep.

Enzo says he wants Cody in F2 with him but he can’t be that crazy, can he? Now that Enzo is HOH, he has an F3 seat but it is this Veto who will decide who will join him. Watch for more talk on Friday ahead of Saturday’s Veto competition.

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