The Young and the Restless Spoilers 19-23 octobre 2020


In the most recent from Young and restless spoilers Monday October 19 through Friday October 23, the Abbott family begins to move forward after losing Dina, Elena is forced to damage control and Gloria is toasted by her sons upon her return to Genoa City.Young and restless spoilers for Friday, October 16:

In Friday’s Y&R recap, the Abbott siblings say goodbye to their mother, Dina.

Lauren and Jack have been friends for a very long time. (In truth, we’ve more than once considered the idea that they become a lot more!) So it’s not all that surprising that she’s about to come to his aid. What really interests us is why the tycoon must be saved in the first place!

I wonder how Nikki will feel if she finds out that when Ashley needs someone to confide in, it’s her ex-husband Victor that she turns to!

Young and restless spoilers for the week of October 19:

Y&R Restless Rant: Candace talks about Summer and Kyle being a mess, Sharon’s instinctive proposition, missed opportunities and craving Devon to learn the truth!

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest darkness engulfs a lot of unwanted guests, desperate attempts and haunting past, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and beautiful, days of our lives, General Hospital and Young and restless.

Young and restless spoilers for Monday, October 19:

Nothing to lose! Adam from Y&R takes aim at Rey, as he turns dark again.

Get out the tissues, as the Abbott family will have to deal with the loss of their matriarch, Dina. Considering Dina’s complicated relationship with her children, this just might be an emotional landmine!

When it comes to your past, you can run but you can’t hide. Chance is about to find out the hard way when his past finally catches up with him.

The past few weeks have been difficult for Faith, who has had to deal with not only mom Sharon’s cancer, but also the fallout from the Adam talk. After all, the story Billy posted revealed all the messy details about what happened after Faith was born. Considering all the events swirling around their smaller daughter, are Sharon and Nick right to be worried about her?

Young and restless spoilers for Tuesday, October 20:

Devon proves he’s not a man to be laughed at as he decides to take matters into his own hands.

If you thought you felt a disturbance in the force, you were right: Gloria is back on the scene as Judith Chapman returns to Y&R. And if you think she just met her son Kevin’s bouncy baby, you don’t know Gloria. (Psst: She comes home with a secret!)

From the moment Jill arranged for Billy and Lily to work together, we couldn’t help but wonder if maybe her mom was playing the matchmaker. We have since noticed sparks flying between them as the self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie had his worst instincts mastered (mostly) by Devon’s sister. But what will it mean when Billy and Lily get back together in their relationship?

Young and restless spoilers for Wednesday, October 21:

As events continue to revolve around her, Elena finds herself trying to control the damage. Meanwhile, Nate – still trying to deal with his own emotions regarding his unexpected date with Elena – has a rude awakening.

Phyllis goes into crisis management mode… which can be a very good thing or a very bad thing, depending on exactly how she decides to deal with her problems! (After all, the beauty didn’t always make the best decisions when playing from a defensive position…)

Young and restless spoilers for Thursday, October 22:

As the Abbott family continue to cope with their loss, Jack finds the perfect way to honor his mother and her legacy.

Get ready to have some fun, as the Baldwin-Fisher clan is reunited and back in action. When Michael and Kevin try to get answers from their notoriously difficult mother, will Gloria spill the beans or make them guess?

Hard to believe just a few weeks ago, Kyle was slipping a cherry stalk on Summer’s finger and they were considering being husband and wife. That has definitely changed, as Summer decides it’s time to sit him down for an old-fashioned reality check.

Young and restless spoilers for Friday, October 23:

Chelsea have done their best to keep their family intact, but Adam hasn’t made it easy. When she warns him, will Adam understand how serious things are and will he listen?

Now that Sharon’s health is on the mend and Rey has proposed, these two crazy kids can start planning for their future! Will they finally have their happiness forever?

Considering everything that has been going on between Devon, Elena and Amanda lately, one can’t help but wonder what it means when Amanda finds herself receiving an invitation from her late sister’s widower. !

As Halloween approaches, check out photos of the stars of Young and restless in their scariest movie roles.

Young and restless spoiler week of November 2:

Sally Spectra to arrive in Genoa City as Courtney Hope to join Y&R after she leaves Love glory and beauty and Los Angeles. The designer seeks to start over while trying to keep her past exploits a secret. We learn that Sally is coming to town with a schedule in mind and already has connections with some residents of Genoa, including boutique owner Lauren Fenmore.

– Richard Simms / Candace Young


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