The Wanted frontman Tom Parker reveals he has inoperable brain tumor


The 32-year-old told fans he has a grade four glioblastoma tumor and is in treatment.

Parker, who announced earlier this year that he and his wife are expecting their second child, wrote on Instagram: “We are all absolutely devastated but we will fight this to the end.

“We don’t want your sadness, we just want love and positivity and together we will raise awareness of this terrible disease and research all available treatment options. ”

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Parker and his wife, Kelsey Hardwick, said her doctors described the tumor as the “worst case scenario” and informed the couple it was terminally ill.

The average survival time for patients with grade four glioblastoma, one of the most serious types of tumors, is between one year and 18 months, according to British nonprofit The Brain Tumor Charity.

The singer said he went to hospital after suffering two seizures over the summer. Parker told OK !: “They pulled the curtain around my bed and said, ‘It’s a brain tumor.’ All I could think of was, “F ***** g hell! I was in shock. It’s stage 4 glioblastoma and they said it was terminal. It was a lot to deal with on my own. I still haven’t treated him. ”

Parker rose to fame as part of The Wanted, a five-piece group whose hits included “All Time Low” and “Heart Vacancy”.

The group enjoyed a streak of top five UK singles, including two number one, while their 2011 track “Glad You Came” reached number three on the US charts. They broke up in 2014 to pursue solo projects.


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