The Theories of “The Walking Dead”: Who is the masked man with Maggie?


Duane Jones

Duane only appeared on the first episode of “TWD”.


The theory: Forget Morgan Jones. Some fans are hoping the masked man is Morgan’s all grown son, Duane.

Why this may not be the case: In season three, Rick meets Morgan again for the first time since the show’s first episode.

When we see Morgan again, he’s not the man he once was. He was driven mad by the death of his son. Morgan tells Rick that Duane was bitten by his zombified wife and is dead.

Why we really like it: While we want to take Morgan’s word for it, we never saw Duane die on the show. Can you really believe someone is dead and gone on “TWD” if you never see their body?

The real reason we’re in for a Duane reappearance is that it would be an incredible remix of the comics. In the graphic series, Michonne always assumed that her daughter had died at the start of the apocalypse. Towards the very end of the comic book series, she reunited with her adult daughter, who lived in the Commonwealth community.

It’s an incredible reunion that has surprised longtime fans. With Michonne off the show, it would be an extremely satisfying reunion for another character like Morgan to see. We’ve seen Kang and the writers do some pretty clever remixes of the comics before since she picked up the show in season nine, so we’re ready for her to surprise us again.

Why it’s so long, we’ll see this: We’re not entirely convinced the show would try to invalidate one of the best episodes of the season three series by revealing that Morgan, in a way, wasn’t being honest about his son’s fate.

The only way it can be convincing is for the writers to look back at season three to show Morgan and her son some sort of falling out that has profoundly altered their relationship. Duane’s absence then resulted in his father’s mental spiral in which he convinced himself that his son was dead. It looks a bit too dark though.


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