The Other Way Season 2 Episode 15 Recap


Wow, I missed this show. In time since 90 day fiancé: the other way paused, the franchise spawned some more variation, but there’s something special about this geography-loving group that I enjoy. Before the break, all the couples were in disarray and this mid-season premiere is dramatic. Jenny was terrified that Sumit’s parents were going to kidnap him as he left to negotiate the terms of their relationship. Kenny and Armando would go find Armando’s daughter and introduce Kenny to the family. Ariella and Biniyam realized that in fact… they hate each other. Brittany was on her way back to America to get her secret divorce. And Tim and Melyza… in fact, they realized they hated each other too.

Deavan and Jihoon don’t appear in “Ready or Not” so we’ll worry about that next week, but I haven’t missed them. There are enough characters on the board to forgo Deavan and Jihoon’s usual feuds. Let’s start with Sumit and her brilliantly blunt parents, who brought it all to light: They’ll never accept Jenny. When Sumit’s brother mentioned a meeting, I thought there was a chance they would come back. Instead, they beg him to reconsider and, once again, he stands by Jenny’s side. Sumit never really explained… why he loves Jenny so much. In front of his parents, one would think he would give his most passionate plea yet. He doesn’t. I don’t think Sumit is fighting for his relationship with Jenny, I think he was fighting for his divorce and Jenny was an excuse.

Additionally, Jenny’s story of how they met continues to change. It’s like she really betrayed Sumit’s mother, so I understand where they’re from. Maybe Sumit’s dad was wrong in forcing him to marry, but Jenny wasn’t entirely clear on her motives either. A classic 90 days faux pas that we have seen time and time again. I think Sumit will get what he wants in the end, I don’t think it will involve Jenny.

At least Sumit and Jenny make sense, because I’m still having a hard time figuring out why Brittany is getting through all of this. Does she really just want to be on TV so badly? Obviously, she has no intention of following the rules necessary to marry Yazan, so why pretend her divorce would make a difference? Can’t say I’m shocked Brittany apparently misfiled her papers and it was all a waste of time. She doesn’t really want to marry Yazan and probably wants an excuse she can think of to delay their inevitable breakup. Yazan is right to be wary; he may have to face real consequences if things don’t work out.

Brittany is just playing with Yazan at this point and it’s hard to watch. It doesn’t seem like Yazan is in on it, but I think he’s putting up with it all because he really thinks he loves Brittany. Or at least he knows he’s attracted to her. Brittany and Yazan are still the weakest link as they belittle the drama of the show. Everyone is faced with the challenges of family abandonment, alienation and children, while Brittany is just a sort of reality TV slogans. Tim and Melyza aren’t particularly interesting either, but they at least both seem equally touched by their falling relationship.

I mean come on, Tim and Melyza are so boring. I don’t care that Melyza slept with anyone else while she and Tim were apart. If anything, it should make it easier for him to forgive him, but it doesn’t. Tim will certainly see this as being equal, so if she’s not ready to move on, what are they still trying to do? Even Melyza’s friends seem absolutely above her relationship with Tim. There’s no way these two are getting married. Hopefully, Tim’s mom who comes to visit him next week will make him realize that he needs to get back to the house and the job he kept in Dallas.

For couples like Kenny and Armando and Ariella and Biniyam, there is no going back. They made choices that will bind them forever in each other’s lives. Ariella and Biniyam haven’t solved any of their issues since we last saw them, but at least they have an apartment. They are just really different people and they are becoming parents faster than they imagined. I’m pretty sure Ariella decided to go back to America when she realized that a 2001 car cost $ 17,000 in Ethiopia. Unlike other couples, when it comes to Ari and Biniyam, I can’t tell who is pushing who forward. In all other couples, you can tell which part is most engaged and forces the relationship to come true.

For Ari and Biniyam, it seems like they fell under these circumstances, shrugged their shoulders and decided to accept it. They don’t really like each other. They did not discuss any plans for the future or for their child. It really is a vacation adventure that has been put on the wrong track. I don’t even think Ari loves Biniyam enough to make sure he has a place in their child’s life, frankly. Ari seems so angry with him that sometimes I think she would come home if Biniyam worked too much or stayed out late. I think they both see the writing on the wall, but they try for their child and it’s good. Maybe they’ll remember what they liked about each other in the first place.

That leaves Kenny and Armando. This episode broke my heart for them. The thing is … I have to blame Kenny. He pushed Armando to talk to his family about the engagement instead of letting Armando do it at his own pace. Of course, her mom wanted to know before the rest of the family. Kenny should have talked to his parents first, even though his father was impassive. There was no need to rush this announcement on the night of their arrival. Armando also looked so nervous and shocked that I really felt upset for him. The reality of the situation was revealed at that point and his partner, Kenny, cannot even support him as they do not speak the same language.

Armando’s family is obviously very hurt to have moved. This commitment makes things permanent and doesn’t just involve Kenny and Armando, but Armando’s daughter as well. They lose it too. Kenny didn’t seem to think about it. All he thought about was his own insecurity about Armando in the closet. Hopefully Kenny now realizes how serious this situation is after seeing Armando’s parents firsthand. If he keeps pushing Armando, though… we’re going to have problems.

Next week, we’ll be checking in with Deavan and Jihoon as they plan to renew their vows. I’m sure nothing can go wrong there! Ariella has her baby and it looks really scary! Jenny is crying! Welcome back to 90 day fiancé: the other way recap on Vulture!


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