The number of coronaviruses increases in Quebec with 933 new cases, 16 deaths


MONTREAL – Quebec public health officials reported an increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases and deaths from the disease on Thursday as some areas begin a new lockdown after being designated red zones. Authorities have announced that an additional 933 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus in the past 24 hours and that two people have died during the same period.

In addition, the government reported 14 new deaths: 12 people died between September 24 and 29 and two died before September 24 due to the disease.

Legault noted the dramatic increase in the number of deaths during Question Period in the National Assembly, responding to a question from Liberal Opposition Leader Dominique Anglade on why some business sectors are closed and others not. .

“We have seen over the past few weeks and days more than 800 cases a day,” replied the Prime Minister. “We went from 100 hospitalizations to 250. Today, we have 16 new deaths. It’s unfortunate, but we have to close museums and other social activities. From what I understand, the Liberal leader does not agree with these measures. I think it’s unfortunate but it’s the right thing to do. ”

The total number of deaths in the province now stands at 5,850 and there have been 75,221 positive cases since the start of the pandemic.

The Island of Montreal reported 319 new cases (34,055 in total), the Quebec City area increased by 128 (4,265 in total) and the Montérégie recorded an increase of 108 cases (10,870 in total).

Prime Minister holds press conference at 1 p.m.

The number of hospitalizations in the province increased by 13 from Wednesday to Thursday, and there are now 275 people receiving care in hospitals across the province for COVID-19. Of these, three other people are in the intensive care unit for a total of 46.

Quebec reports that 580 more people have recovered from the disease and the total number of recoveries is now 63,144.

Health professionals analyzed 33,510 samples on September 29 (Quebec provides two-day sampling data before its daily updates).

Three regions of Quebec face partial lockdown measures as of today after reaching the highest COVID-19 alert level earlier this week.

People living in the greater Montreal, Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches region south of the provincial capital will live with the new restrictions for at least 28 days as the province tries to bring cases of COVID-19 under control.

Quebec police will be able to obtain remote warrants allowing them to enter people’s homes to enforce foreclosure orders that come into effect Thursday.

Anyone in the red zone areas caught hosting a private gathering of people from different addresses can be fined $ 1,000.


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