The National Assembly of Pakistan calls for the recall of the envoy to France. But there is a catch – The New Indian Express


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Following the outrage of Arab countries at the refusal of French President Emmanuel Macron to condemn the caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, the National Assembly of Pakistan adopted a resolution to recall their ambassador to France.

However, there is a catch.

Pakistan does not have an ambassador stationed in Paris, as the last Ambassador Moin-ul-Haq was transferred to China three months ago.

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Muslims have reacted angrily to Macron’s staunch defense of the right to make fun of religion following the beheading of a history teacher who showed his students caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad during a discussion in class on freedom of speech.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan led the charge against Macron, supporting calls from the Islamic world to boycott French products.

Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad are considered offensive by many Muslims, but in France such caricatures have become synonymous with free speech and a proud secular tradition dating back to the Revolution.

In the aftermath of the murder of Professor Samuel Paty, Macron vowed that the country “will not give up cartoons”.

The publication of the same cartoons triggered the 2015 massacre of cartoonists and others at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the start of a wave of deadly terrorist attacks on French soil.

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