The key thing we all do in London Underground stations that is now banned


London isn’t exactly a city designed with social distancing in mind. The narrow streets, the small shops and the huge population make it sometimes almost impossible to keep a meter from each other.

It’s just as difficult in our huge London Underground network.

This is why Transport for London (TfL) had to introduce various new rules to ensure the safety of Covid public transport.

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And among other measures, such as the mandatory wearing of face masks, it has also changed the way we travel in metro stations.

In an effort to maintain social distancing, TfL has imposed new rules on how passengers use escalators.

Before the pandemic, all Londoners knew you were standing on the right so that those in a hurry could walk or jog (depending on how late they were) could pass to the left.

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But now, with the social distancing restrictions, you can’t exactly safely pass people on narrow escalators.

This is why signs have been put up in the stations to indicate the new order of things.

A sign put up at Highbury & Islington station in North London

First, people have to stand three paces apart.

We can no longer pack together step by step.

Second, we are no longer allowed to overtake others.

The TfL sign spotted at Highbury & Islington station makes this clear.

It reads: “Stay 3 paces apart and do not pass others at any time. ”


The age-old art of escalator etiquette has been completely redesigned in the face of this new threat.

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