The Iron Brothers Turkey and Pakistan criticize France for Emmanuel Macron’s comment on “freedom of expression”


Major allies Pakistan and Turkey have criticized France for a “systematic” Islamophobic campaign under the guise of free speech.

Pakistan’s upper and lower houses on Monday passed resolutions denouncing France for a “state-sponsored” Islamophobic campaign. Treasury and opposition lawmakers voted unanimously for the two separate resolutions, which strongly condemned the latest attempt at “illegal” and “Islamophobic” acts to republish the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in France.

The resolution was presented to the National Assembly by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who strongly condemned the recent disparaging remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron.

He urged the government to recall its ambassador from France to protest against the sacrilege of the Prophet Muhammad. He also called on the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to continue to monitor the phenomenon of Islamophobia and take the necessary steps to present the common position of Islamic countries on the issue, especially the issue. blasphemous caricatures.

The resolution also called on the UN to immediately launch a global dialogue for interfaith harmony and to counter the growing trend towards Islamophobia.

In the Senate, a similar resolution presented by House Leader Shahzad Waseem reaffirmed that love for the Prophet Muhammad is “undoubtedly part of our faith and no Muslim can tolerate such horrific acts”.

Representing the feelings of the Pakistani people and the Muslim world as a whole, the upper house has expressed serious concerns over these “vile” incidents which provoke the reaction of Muslims while causing “serious damage to Muslim feelings.”

Lawmakers urged parliaments and the international community to find a framework and means to stop the repetition of such acts in the future in order to ensure peaceful coexistence as well as social and interfaith harmony.

Pakistani Christians condemn France

Pakistani Christians have also denounced the French authorities for throwing the blasphemous cartoons on government buildings, which took place on October 21 as part of a tribute to history professor Samuel Paty, beheaded in a Paris suburb at the start of the months by a student a few days after showing the cartoons in a free speech class.

Addressing a press conference at the Church of Pakistan in the northeastern city of Lahore, Archbishop Azad Marshall urged the UN to pass a law to protect all religions in the world. “We vehemently denounce the recent events, which have hurt Muslims around the world. Christians never support such heinous acts, which are detrimental to world peace, ”Marshall said.

Pakistani Christians, he said, stand alongside their Muslim brethren and reject provocations from France.

Echoing Marshall’s views, Bishop Sebastian Shaw, chairman of the National Commission for Interfaith Dialogue and Ecumenism, regretted that France supported such activities, which would create a wedge between followers of various faiths.

“A liberal society does not mean increasing hardship for the public and harming their feelings, especially their religious beliefs,” he said in a statement. “Respect and interfaith harmony are the need of the hour.”

Macron attacks

In recent weeks, President Macron has attacked Islam and the Muslim community, accusing Muslims of “separatism.” He described Islam as “a religion in crisis all over the world”.

It coincided with a provocative move by Charlie Hebdo, a left-wing French satirical magazine infamous for publishing anti-Islamic cartoons that sparked widespread anger and outrage in the Muslim world.

Earlier this year, he reposted cartoons insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. The cartoons were first published in 2006 by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, sparking a wave of protests.

Turkey Slams France

The spokesman for the Turkish presidency criticized French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday for his controversial plans to crack down on what he called “Islamist separatism” in France.

“President Macron’s recent anti-Islam rhetoric is another example of a desperate European politician vying for relevance,” Fahrettin Altun said on Twitter.

“His frenzied attempt to assume leadership in Europe is the driving force behind his promotion of Islamophobia, xenophobia and his attacks on our president. [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan, ”he added.

Altun pointed out that Macron discriminates against Muslims in France and Europe while also doing so for political ends, “trying to instrumentalize fears and ignorance.”

“Macron is following the old fascist playbook that targeted the Jews of Europe in this way,” he said.

“We must denounce these irresponsible figures whose statements and actions are not simply the effect but the cause of the hostility against Islam. Politicians like Macron use opportunities to condemn an ​​entire religion in order to cover up their failures on the home front.

Altun stressed that targeting Muslims seems much easier and politically expedient for European leaders like Macron, “who should focus on finding the culprits of terrorism in his country instead of projecting his failure to protect French citizens onto the great civilization of Islam.

In seeking geopolitical relevance in the Mediterranean, Macron has previously attempted to portray Muslims as mere neighbors in southern Europe, Altun said. “In reality, Muslims and Turkey are very central to the Mediterranean region and will not leave!” he added.

“Macron is fully aware that what he calls Islamic separatism is a farce. Muslims have lived in the Mediterranean and Europe for centuries. It is he who tries to sow discord and division among the cohabitants of this region, ”he underlined.

Macron attacks Turkey and Erdogan “because they are living proof that the Mediterranean region is not the property or the colonies of Europe”.

“When he attacks us, it’s because we are constantly confronted with his racist and colonialist mentality.

Fine line between Islamophobia and anti-Semitism

“To be clear, Macron’s rhetoric and actions are anathemas to the ideals and principles that Europe claims to aspire to. Freedom of expression, multiculturalism, tolerance and respect for religion are under attack by Macron himself. It is a serious threat to Europe, ”Altun said.

He also pointed out that there was a very fine line between Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

“They are driven by similar racist and alarmist impulses. While Macron is one of the main voices of Islamophobia today, we will not be surprised when he delivers anti-Semitic statements tomorrow! he said.

“This situation does not bode well for relations between the EU and the Muslim world. Muslims’ perception of Europe will only deteriorate further, but they will not respond in kind. Muslims will not fall for Macron’s hatred and division.

“Once again, we condemn the murder of the French teacher in the strongest terms. Islam is a religion of peace and it cannot be used to justify death, ”Altun concluded.


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